‘Blue Bloods’: Why Has Jack Reagan Been Gone for So Long?

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods has long centered around some core characters within the New York City Law Enforcement-focused family, the Reagans. However, while some of the players on the hit CBS television drama series may be the bigger part of the focus, each member of the Reagan family is hugely important. So, when someone doesn’t make an appearance on screen for a bit of time, fans begin to wonder: where did they go?

One recent example of this is the unexplained absence of Blue Bloods detective Danny Reagan’s (Donnie Wahlberg) son, Jack. This character, who is portrayed by Tony Terraciano, has been an important part of the series. After all, he’s the son of one of the stars and grandson of Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan. However, since around 2021, Jack has been absent from many of the famous Blue Bloods family dinners. And, he was only present in one episode from 2020. So, what is the story with Jack Reagan? Where has he been all of this time?

Jack Reagan Leaves His Blue Bloods Home Headed For College

In a 2018 Blue Bloods storyline, fans may remember that Tony Terraciano’s character left home and headed for college. And, according to reports, this storyline was a reflection of real-life as Tony himself was headed on the same journey. Since then, the character has returned, primarily to the Reagan family dinner table, as Tony’s busy class schedule will allow.

This is welcome news for many fans of the popular CBS police procedural series. We understand if filming cuts into his class time. We just need to know he isn’t written off the series!

Jack Reagan Is Still Considering His Future Plans

While Jack has been absent for many of the recent Blue Bloods episodes, fans did get to see him early on in season 12. In this episode, Jack shares with his father that he wants to either join the Marines or become a doctor. After a father-son discussion, Jack decides to head back to college as he weighs his options. This paired with the news that Blue Bloods has already been renewed for two more seasons on CBS tells us that we can certainly plan on seeing more of Jack as he continues his college career.

There Is A Real-Life Brotherly Bond Between Jack Reagan And His Blue Bloods Brother, Sean

The son of Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan and his late wife, Linda (Amy Carlson), Jack Reagan has a close relationship with his brother, Sean. Regular viewers of the popular CBS drama may notice something about these on-screen brothers. They look a lot alike.

This, of course, begins to make sense when we learn that these two younger Reagan boys are in fact brothers in real life. Sean is played by Andrew Terraciano, Tony’s younger brother.