Did ‘Blue Bloods’ Air a New Episode Last Night?

by Shelby Scott

Blue Bloods” fans saw some major character development across season 12 of the hit cop show. But now, we’re unfortunately on pause. Since last fall, we’ve spent Fridays following the Reagan family as they seek out justice in New York City. However, last night marked the first official Friday of the “Blue Bloods” cast’s summer hiatus. So, unfortunately, no, a new episode did not air last night.

Instead, CarterMatt informs us we will be forced to endure one long summer without Sunday night dinners with the Reagan family. That said, we can, at least, look forward to the return of “Blue Bloods” to CBS for its 13th season. In addition, we’ll also see Tom Selleck return as show patriarch Frank Reagan. As per the outlet, the new season of “Blue Bloods” will air this fall. Fans can expect to catch the show during its 10 p.m. timeslot on Fridays.

However, the show will have some new neighbors on Friday night. As per the outlet, “Blue Bloods” will be preceded by the all-new drama, “Fire Country,” and before that, “S.W.A.T.” which stars Shemar Moore.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any news regarding filming for season 13 of “Blue Bloods.” However, the cast and crew just wrapped up their season 12 finale earlier this month on May 6th. So I suppose they have earned a well-deserved break.

What to Expect From ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 13:

“Blue Bloods'” latest season concluded with a myriad of new and exciting storylines, primarily focusing on Erin Reagan and Danny Reagan’s partner Maria Baez. We also encountered the melancholy storyline surrounding “Pop” Henry Reagan and his cancer diagnosis.

Overall, then, we have a lot of character development to explore when season 13 premieres next fall.

First off, after internally battling herself throughout much of the latest season, Erin Reagan has finally decided to run for District Attorney. As we saw, especially in the last few episodes, the character had a lot to consider, especially as her father and police commissioner Frank Reagan went head to head with the current DA, Kimberly Crawford.

Things became pretty complicated for Erin as she faced backlash on both sides of the battle. While she definitely has the talent and qualifications for the DA’s position, Crawford believed her choices would see a heavy influence from her police commissioner father.

On the other hand, Erin and Frank’s beliefs regarding law enforcement practices don’t exactly align. So, perhaps we’ll see more of that struggle in the fall.

In addition, “Blue Bloods” fans saw Danny Reagan’s partner, Maria Baez, adopt a newborn baby. The season finale showed that Baez definitely has good maternal instincts. So it’ll be fun to explore this new side of the NYC detective when season 13 of “Blue Bloods” premieres.