‘FBI’: One Star Played a Surprising Number of Characters on ‘Blue Bloods’

by Leanne Stahulak

“Blue Bloods” fans might recognize one actor’s face from not only his multiple appearances on the show but also his time on “FBI.”

Derek Hedlund played a minor role on “FBI” back in 2018 and 2019, per Looper. He starred as Special Agent JT, appearing in the pilot episode of the series and multiple episodes throughout Season 1 and 2. His character eventually got written off the show, but not killed off.

While he worked on “FBI,” Hedlund also starred in “Blue Bloods,” though. In his first appearance, a 2017 episode called “Ghosts of the Past,” Hedlund played a photographer. Then he appeared as an unnamed uniform cop for two episodes, one in 2019 and one in 2020. They were titled “Two-Faced” and “In the Name of the Father.”

Then, in his first credited role on “Blue Bloods,” Hedlund starred as Mason Cook. Mason appears in the 2021 episode “The Common Good,” which features a murdered video game streamer. And finally, Hedlund once again starred in the background of a 2021 episode called “Fallen Heroes,” acting as a “stunt patron.”

The showrunners must’ve liked Hedlund’s abilities to bring him back for multiple episodes as a background character. Somehow, he’s able to pull off these different characters in the same universe without making it seem off or uncanny.

Perhaps he’ll return for another “Blue Bloods” episode next season. Or perhaps Hedlund will focus on other acting gigs, considering he most recently starred in “Stranger Things” Season 4. On the hit Netflix series, Hedlund played a GI Soldier, likely one of the ones who stormed the Byers’ house in the episode “Dear Billy.”

Here Are Some of the Most Famous Guest Stars on ‘Blue Bloods’

Derek Hedlund isn’t the only recognizable face that’s starred in “Blue Bloods.”In 12 seasons, the police procedural has seen its fair share of big names come through.

“Law & Order: SVU” fans might recognize Peter Hermann, who in “Blue Bloods” plays Erin Reagan’s ex-husband. Then there’s “Cheers” star Bebe Neuwirth and Hollywood star Treat Williams. Oscar-nominated actress Aunjanue Ellis also featured in an episode, as did “The Sopranos” star Lorraine Bracco.

Speaking of “The Sopranos,” star Michael Imperioli appeared on “Blue Bloods,” along with Whoop Goldberg and Bobby Cannavale. You might’ve recognized Lori Laughlin from her stint on the show or Ed Asner, who starred in a 2020 episode a year before his death. Movie stars Lou Diamond Phillips and Chazz Palminteri also appeared as guest stars on the show, as well as the rapper Method Man.

Guest stars are a common thing on shows like “Blue Bloods” because the crimes always involve different people from all walks of life. In a city like New York, it’s easy to run into different people who could be involved in criminal activity. Or be the victims of it.