LOOK: ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Stuns in ‘Baby Bridget’ Throwback Photo

by Taylor Cunningham

Before Bridget Moynahan was a star of Blue Bloods she was an international model. And today, she gave a throwback to her earliest days in the industry.

Before becoming an actress, Moynahan enjoyed a successful modeling career. In the 90s, he landed on the covers of major publications like Vogue Paris, Elle, and Glamour.

The now 51-year-old also did a campaign with Cover Girl. While working for the makeup brand, she advertised the effects of its Professional Lengths mascara and, as the actress highlighted on Instagram today, its Clarifying Acne Treatment Makeup.

In a post, Bridget Moynahan shows an ad that she shot at only 22 years old. In it, she’s showcasing the standard 1990s trends with a short brunette bob and pencil-thin eyebrows. And she pulls them off effortlessly.

“@covergirl 1993 #babybridget#tbt#covergirl.”

Moynahan didn’t stick with her modeling career for long though. During an interview with The Chicago Sun-Times, she admitted that she enjoyed the work, and it paid well. But she knew that people could only get jobs for so long before a new generation of fresh faces moved in. So, she decided to try her hand at acting. And, obviously, that worked out for her.

Bridget Moynahan Played a Pivotal Role in ‘Sex and the City’

It wasn’t hard for Bridget Moynahan to transition from modeling to acting. In 1999, she grabbed her first role in a film called Row Your Boat and then took two more parts in other lesser-known films. Then that same year, she had her big break.

Bridget Moynahan walked right into a part on Sex in the City. In the HBO classic, she played Natasha Naginsky, John James Preston’s—better known as Mr. Big—second wife.

Interestingly, she almost gave up the opportunity, too. While visiting Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2021, she said she nearly left the audition because the casting team was late. But luckily, her agents convinced her to stick around. And she got the role after reading only one line.

“I thought I was gonna leave because I had all these other auditions and my agents were like, ‘no, you should stay. You should stay.’,” she said. “And I didn’t know what the show was or who I was auditioning for or what this was going to turn into. And thankfully, I stayed.”

The Blue Bloods star first appeared during the Season 2 episode titled Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women. In the story, Carrie finds Mr. Big at a Hampton party with his new and younger girlfriend (Moynahan) after he spent some time in Paris. Eventually, he marries her. But the relationship dramatically ends when Natasha finds Big and Carrie in the middle of an affair.

Bridget Moynahan reprised her role in the show’s spinoff series, And Just Like That… last year.