The ‘Blue Bloods’ Star You Never Realized Got Their Hollywood Start as a Child Actor in an Al Pacino Flick

by Taylor Cunningham

Janko’s current partner on Blue Bloods, played by actor Ian Quinlan, may look oddly familiar to many of you. And there’s a good reason for that. Quinlan once played alongside Al Pacino in a since-forgotten box-office procedural.

In 1996, Quinlan joined Oscar-winning Pacino in the movie City Hall. The project was the then six-year-old’s film debut and second acting gig to date.

In the story, Quinlan plays Randy Santos, who is the son of Detective Eddie Santos (Nestor Serrano). After the detective gets into a shootout with a suspected mob member named Tino Zapatti (Larry Romano), he, Zapatti, and a six-year-old bystander are killed.

When the deaths rock the community, Mayor John Pappas’ (Al Pacino) deputy mayor Kevin Calhoun starts digging into the case and finds out that Zapatti was free on probation due to what appears to be a scandal. The people involved are a crime boss, a politician, a judge, and Mayor Pappas.

Ian Quinlan doesn’t play a large part in City Hall. In fact, he doesn’t speak a single line. The young actor only appears in a handful of scenes with his mother (Luna Lauren Velez) and his on-screen sister (Chloe Morris). Nonetheless, starring in a movie with an actor as big as Al Pacino served as a solid start to Quilan’s career.

Following the film, Quinlan earned a spot in the Oscar-nominated movie Music of the Heart alongside Meryl Streep. And as an adult, he’s played on series such as Gotham, Sneaky Pete, and, of course, Blue Bloods.

Ian Quinlan Plays Janko’s ‘Blue Bloods’ Partner

In Blue Bloods, Quinlan starred as Officer Luis Badillo, one of the five partners that Eddie Janko-Reagan has cycled through since joining the New York City Police Department.

Quinlan made his first appearance this season in Be Smart of Be Dead. The NYPD paired Janko with the cop after her partner of three years, Rachel Witten, left the department. And Janko Badillo butt heads from the start.

Upon the initial introduction, Badlio refuses to call his partner Janko. And he makes it clear that he can’t respect her because she married into the Reagan family. The two are constantly at odds, bickering and fighting, which Badlio pushes while hoping that Janko will ask for a new partner.

Eventually, it comes out that Badillo has a gruff exterior because his former partner was killed right in front of him, and he’s suffering from PTSD. Upon learning this, Janko worries that he could put her in danger or snap on a whim. But the two forge an unlikely bond instead.

During the episode titled Reality Check, Janko takes her partner to a street corner named for his dead partner. While there, she stresses that the two need to get along for the job. And she further explains that Jamie also lost a partner, and she helped him recover from the trauma.