WATCH: ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Posts Video From Season 13 Set With Costar Marisa Ramirez

by Joe Rutland

With Blue Bloods season about upon us, let’s gaze at this really cool video of Donnie Wahlberg with his costar, Marisa Ramirez. As you might be able to tell, they were out on the show’s set. Wahlberg and Ramirez are New York Police Department partners on the CBS police drama.

In this video, Wahlberg swirls his phone camera around a little bit and makes a comment or two. When he finishes up the video, we get a sweet, brief shot of Ramirez smiling in his direction. Now, let’s get a little introspective about this video. We do see Wahlberg, who plays Detective Danny Reagan, there with Ramirez, who plays Detective Maria Baez.

‘Blue Bloods’ Stars Find Themselves On The Streets Of New York City

They are out of the streets of New York City. What were they filming? Obviously, they look pretty spiffy and are out and about. OK, so what are they doing? Could it be that they are tackling another case? The Season 13 opening episode is titled Keeping the Faith. Part of the show’s synopsis from CBS does include Danny and Baez.

It said, in part, that “Eddie and Jamie deal with a domestic violence case associated with an investigation led by Danny and Baez.” Oh, brother, that’s going to be a serious matter on Blue Bloods. Vanessa Ray plays Eddie Janko-Reagan while Will Estes plays her husband, Jamie Reagan. The synopsis added that this situation takes a dangerous turn for the Reagans. What type of danger are we talking about here?

Among some photos released by the network ahead of the October 7 premiere, we see Reagan family members gathered together. Heck, they even manage to bring Henry Reagan, played by Len Cariou, wherever they are in the photo. There has been some thought that they could be at a hospital. After all, the situation took a really serious and dangerous turn, as we said.

Who could be in the hospital? In this photo, we also see Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan. It’s interesting to see her in this photo. Now, there’s Cariou, Moynahan, Estes, Ray, Wahlberg, and Will Hochman, who plays Joe Hill. We do not see Ramirez’s Baez in the photo. Could something happen to Baez that brings everyone together? Why would Henry be there if it didn’t involve a Reagan family member? We are pretty sure that all of this will be hashed out in the Season 13 opening episode. Still, having that many people gathered together in one place raises some eyebrows. Blue Bloods will also be making time for a storyline between Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, and Archbishop Kearns, played by Stacy Keach.