Will ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 13 Start With a Major Time Jump?

by Shelby Scott

Unfortunately, there was no new episode of “Blue Bloods” this Friday. The hit cop drama aired its season 12 finale on May 6th. And, since we were briefly introduced to two all-new storylines during the series’ final episode, we’re here to explore potential plotlines for “Blue Bloods” season 13. Above all, we’re wondering, will the “Blue Bloods” season 13 premiere feature a time jump?

At the moment, we can’t be certain. Between Baez’s new baby and Erin’s news regarding her decision to run for DA, there’s definitely a lot taking place when “Blue Bloods” returns. That said, there seems to be some support for the idea that there could definitely be some level of a time jump.

As noted by CarterMatt, “Blue Bloods” has a penchant for season premiere time jumps though writers don’t tend to highlight the topic too much. For the most part, fans return to the series at some point following the season finale, with writers penning the script in a way that it transitions smoothly from the previous season finale.

However, there’s a good chance we could see a noticeable time jump when “Blue Bloods” 13th season premieres. Given Baez’s adopted newborn, perhaps we’ll get to see the NYC detective a few months down the line, showing development in the character’s part as a mom.

Additionally, with Erin confirming her decision to run, maybe the CBS series will return in the middle of the character’s campaign. Simultaneously, season 12 concluded with the uncertainty of Henry Reagan’s cancer diagnosis. So we should hopefully see further development on that end as well.

Does the ‘Blue Bloods’ Cast Drink Actual Wine During Sunday Dinners?

While we impatiently wait for the return of “Blue Bloods” and its 13th season, we have some time to take a closer look at some of the series’ set details. And while Frank Reagan actor Tom Selleck has spoken out about the realities of the show’s meals, we’re now wondering if the cast members drink actual wine while filming.

Danny Reagan actor Donnie Wahlberg gave us a solid answer on that one. And, sadly, no, the “Blue Bloods” cast didn’t spend every episode of season 12 filming a drunken wino scenario. Instead, he revealed, “sadly, it’s just grape juice.”

He also shared some other “Blue Bloods” beverage secrets. “Sorry, guys,” he continued during an interview with PEOPLE. “‘Scotch’ is iced tea. I think they give us decaffeinated or we’d be bouncing off the walls.”

Additionally, while Tom Selleck revealed that the food that appears so yummy onscreen becomes rapidly bland after umpteen takes, Jim Lillis, the show’s prop handler shared some more truths about the Reagan family meals.

“We give them real food on camera,” Lillis previously said, “but we try to keep it mildly seasoned because they have to do so many takes.”

In addition, he explained, “The Reagans are Irish-Catholic New Yorkers, and their menu reflects that. It’s usually a meat or chicken, always some version of potatoes and a vegetable, salad, and rolls.”