Bobby Flay Returning To New Food Network Show Months After Announcing His Exit

by Taylor Cunningham

Bobby Flay is heading back to TV months after announcing that he was done with his screen-side career.

The celebrity chef is helming a new series on Food Network titled Bobby’s Triple Threat. In six episodes, he will pit a different budding chef against a team of three culinary pros, Tiffany Derry, Michael Voltaggio, and Brooke Williamson. If the contestant whips up better dishes than his competitors, they win the game. And they will have $25,000 to show for it.

“Viewers will witness next-level culinary skills while leaning in to see if Bobby’s titans can prevent the competitors from walking away with the grand prize,” Jane Latman, President of Home & Food Content and Streaming with Warner Bros. and Discovery said.

The episodes will shoot in Bobby’s secret kitchen and hold three rounds. In the first two, Flay will choose the main ingredient and the competitor will have to choose how to prepare it and who they want to battle against. They will have to work against all three of the pros, but they can choose when. In the final round, the chef will get to pick their own ingredients.

A guest judge will appear for each installment of Bobby’s Triple Threat and choose the winners during a blind taste test. If the contestant wins at least two out of three rounds, they get the cash prize.

“I have spent my entire career opening restaurants and battling in the toughest culinary competitions,” Flay said. ” But on Triple Threat, I have the chance to call all the shots, inviting the most talented chefs into my secret kitchen to take on my titans. You want to be the best; you must get through my triple threat.”

The New Series Brings Bobby Flay Out of His Television Retirement

The announcement comes less than a year after Bobby Flay announced that he was retiring from Food Network. In October 2021, a three-year contract ended. And he decided it was time to part ways.

Overall, he had been with the network for 27 years bringing fans series like Beat Bobby Flay, Grillin’ and Chillin, and Brunch at Bobby’s.

Neither Flay’s team nor Food Network’s team commented on the situation. But some thought that the negotiations hit a wall, so each party went their separate ways. According to a source close to Food Network, the financial terms were too far apart. However, the claim was never confirmed.

The new series proves that the two finally recognized the importance of their decades-long partnership, and they were finally able to agree to a new contract.

Bobby’s Triple Threat premieres on Tuesday, September 27 at 9 p.m. eastern.