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‘Bosch: Legacy’ Renewed for Season 2 at Amazon

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Bosch fans received some good news earlier this week with the announcement that Bosch: Legacy, the spin-off series to the popular Amazon Prime series has already been renewed for a second season. This news comes days before the series is even set to premiere on Amazon’s latest network, Freevee, formerly IMDb TV.

Prior to this announcement, Bosch fans have been getting ready for the long-awaited premiere of the spin-off series. Gearing up for Legacy as the popular streaming service brings back Titus Welliver’s ex-police officer, Harry Bosch.

Bosch: Legacy Finds Massive Success Even Days Before the Series Begins Streaming On Amazon’s Freevee

The upcoming Amazon Freevee series Bosch: Legacy follows the show’s original series star, Titus Welliver. In this streaming series, Welliver portrays the retired LAPD homicide detective, Harry Bosch as he sets out to become a private investigator. However, Bosch finds his private eye work is complicated. Especially since many of the sources he utilized as a homicide detective are no longer available to him.

The series also features Mimi Rogers as Honey “Money” Chandler. Chandler is an attorney who struggles with her role in the justice system; primarily after experiencing a murder attempt on her life. Madison Lintz portrays Harry Bosch’s daughter, Maddie Bosch, in the series. As Bosch: Legacy begins, fans see the rookie patrol cop adjust to the challenges of her newest role on the streets of L.A.

Greenlighting Season Two of Bosch: Legacy Was An ‘Easy’ Decision For Freevee Execs

It isn’t a common situation for a series to get the go-ahead for a second season even before the premiere season has hit the airwaves. However, the executives behind Freevee’s programming note that this decision was an easy one; greenlighting a second season of Bosch: Legacy days before the premiere of the first season. In fact, one Freevee executive notes, the first ten episodes of the spin-off series were all that the streaming service execs needed to see.

“It was easy to greenlight the second season, of Bosch: Legacy,” says Freevee’s co-head of content and programming, Ryan Pirozzi. 

“After execs saw the 10-episode first season,” he explains.

“We’re ecstatic with the new show,” the Freevee executive adds of Bosch: Legacy. Pirozzi also notes that one of the reasons the streaming service pushed for the second season lies in a connection with Michael Connolly, the author of the original Bosch novel series, and one of the show’s producers.

“We know we want to be in business with Michael Connolly,” the Freevee executive says of the author who also produces the spin-off series.

Joining Michael Connelly in the producer role are Eric Overmyer; Tom Bernardo; Henrik Bastin; Pieter Jan Brugge; the series’ star, Titus Welliver, and Zetna Fuentes.