‘Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Recalls Hilarious Story About ‘Three’s Company’ Star John Ritter

by Caitlin Berard

Throughout his 35 years in Hollywood, Three’s Company star John Ritter made many famous friends, one of which being Breaking Bad icon Bryan Cranston. The two were so close, in fact, that when the classic TV star earned the part of Claude Pichon in the Broadway production The Dinner Party, he was anxious for his friend to attend a showing.

Bryan Cranston was decidedly less enthusiastic about the performance, as he had heard the play was “terrible.” While he and his wife were weighing their options, Bryan was struck with an opportunity – to skip the show but pretend he was there. In a recent episode of TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Bryan Cranston recalled the hilarious incident.

With the mood lighting just right and an old-fashioned microphone at the ready, Bryan Cranston began his story. “One night, dreading to see a friend’s Broadway play that I was committed to but was panned by everyone who ever saw it, I walked to the theater to buy my ticket for the next day,” he explained. “As I reached the theater, the doors opened, and out poured the disgruntled audience of that evening’s show.”

“Taking advantage of the moment, I bent down and scooped up a discarded playbill, went to the stage door, knocked, got backstage, and up into my friend’s dressing room,” he continued. “There, I began to lie endlessly about how much I loved him and this play so that I wouldn’t have to see it myself.”

He then recounted the interaction with the Three’s Company star, recalling that he had no trouble whatsoever lying to his friend. His wife, however, couldn’t add to the story without spilling the beans. The truth eventually came out, but rather than being upset, John Ritter “loved” the story, according to Cranston.

‘Three’s Company’ Star John Ritter Reveals the Source of His Positive Attitude

Throughout his career, John Ritter was known for his unfaltering smiling and positive attitude. But was that the real John Ritter or merely an extension of his acting ability? In a 1980 interview with Bobbie Wygant, John revealed the truth of his enduring positivity. “It’s all the orange juice I drink,” he joked. “It’s so good for you. Your blood sugar just hits…” and gestured a high point with his hand.

Ritter then became more serious, crediting his parents for his attitude toward life. “I don’t know about up,” he said. “Because there’s a lot of times where I’m down. But positive, I think I really am positive. I think I got that from my mom and dad.”

“My mom, for example, she wakes up like this, ‘Hi!!’ and she goes to sleep, ‘Goodnight!!’, you know?” the Three’s Company star explained while sporting a comically cheery expression. “And from the ‘Hi’ to the ‘Goodnight’, is just… She’s like a sparkler. And me compared to her, I would be like a punk rock guy from The Dead Boys or something like that.”

“She’s a skyrocket. I guess I reflect some of her, you know, sort of positive energy. And I think I reflect some of my dad’s outlook on life too. But I do have my moments where I’m a bit of a drag,” he concluded with a laugh.