‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Drops Massive Hint About When Walter White, Jesse Pinkman Will Appear on ‘Better Call Saul’

by Megan Molseed

As any Breaking Bad fan knows, Better Call Saul’s Jimmy McGill – aka Saul Goodman – is a big part of the storyline. In fact, Better Call Saul is the successful TV drama prequel to how Bob Odenkirk’s Breaking Bad character came to be. So, it would stand to reason that fans would likely meet the infamous Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman while telling McGill’s story.

However, this has yet to happen in the spin-off series, even though there are only a few episodes left. And, showrunners have noted that it’s almost time for the duo to Call Saul in the popular series!

What Can We Expect From Better Call Saul’s Upcoming Breaking Bad Moment?

Earlier in the show’s run, Better Call Saul creator Peter Gould announced that Walt and Jesse would certainly be appearing in the show’s final season. Now, we have just a handful of episodes left in the series so it’s going to happen very soon. And, incredibly soon once we look at the name of the episode scheduled for Monday night…the title? Breaking Bad!

And now, it gets even more exciting. As one Better Call Saul showrunner drops some massive hints about this long-awaited appearance. While speaking at an Alburquerque ceremony last week unveiling statues of Breaking Bad’s Walt and Jesse, Better Call Saul showrunner Vince Gilligan let some big news drop. Teasing the appearance of the two infamous characters.

“Spoiler alert, everybody,” Vince Gilligan says during the event.

“You’re hearing it first. No one else knows this yet,” the showrunner adds. “This coming Monday night, if you happen to be watching the AMC network — and thanks to them as well — you might just see these two on the next Better Call Saul.” However, Jesse Pinkman actor Aaron Paul wasn’t going to give the surprise up that easily as he stepped in, noting that this appearance is just a “maybe” at this point.

Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Filmed Their Cameo Scenes In Secrecy

Initially, the appearance of the two Breaking Bad stars was intended to be a major secret. However, showrunners soon decided to let the news slip.

“It’s so funny because this was supposed to be a big surprise, a big secret,” Aaron Paul said recently.

“Then all of a sudden they announced that we were doing it,” he relates.

“[S]o why did they keep us in a prison?” the actor quips. “Seriously, they were just messing with us.”

According to Bryan Cranston, three scenes are coming up that feature Walt and Jesse. One scene with the duo, and then each character has their own appearance, the star notes.

It’s pretty cool,” Cranston says of the cameos.

“But to be honest with you — because we shot everything in a bubble and completely out of sequence — I don’t even know what episodes we’re in,” he says. “You’re going to find out.”