‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul Says His Final Goodbyes to Jesse Pinkman

by Craig Garrett

Aaron Paul has made appearances as his famous Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman for 14 years, but fans shouldn’t expect any more. AMC’s Better Call Saul recently ended its epic classic tv run. This essentially puts an end to the Breaking Bad universe, which started in 2008. As of this time, there are no spin-offs or sequels series in the works. However, there’s always a chance that there’s another story to tell set in the world of Breaking Bad. Just don’t count on Aaron Paul to show up in it.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Paul spoke about his return as Jesse in the final season of Better Call Saul. He explained how it felt to return to that world and how wonderful it was that his scenes were set sometime before Jesse would go through unimaginable horror. The scenes took place when the drug dealer was still having a good deal of fun. It was a far cry from when he returned to the part in El Camino, which took place immediately after Jesse’s getaway in the Breaking Bad finale.

“Yeah, it was beautiful, and there were so many familiar faces. Many of the people that we shot the Breaking Bad pilot with were still a part of this crew. Of course, I got to reconnect with a lot of them while shooting El Camino, and now, we were zipping on the skin of when Jesse Pinkman and Walter White introduced the world to Saul Goodman. So it was cool to go back to what seemed like the ‘lighter’ times in our characters’ lives.”

Aaron Paul feels like Better Call Saul was Jesse’s farewell

Being on the set of Better Call Saul with his friends and former co-stars felt like no time had passed for Paul. Aaron Paul spoke about how he strongly loved the Jesse Pinkman character. He said this experience will continue to have an impact on him for the years to come. However, after revisiting the role for Better Call Saul, Paul says he’s confident he won’t return to play Jesse again. That’s even if another Breaking Bad spinoff is made. The actor seems to view his appearances on Better Call Saul as the swan song for Jesse.

“It’s kinda like reconnecting with a very familiar friend. You can be away from that friend for some time,” Paul said. “But when you are back in each other’s company, it’s like no time has passed. We all know our characters so well having played them for years, so it felt good. I love Pinkman. He will always have a special place inside of me, but I can confidently say that [Better Call Saul] was the last time we’re going to see Pinkman. So it was a nice farewell.”

Between the appearances on Better Call Saul and a statue of the character being erected in Albuquerque, maybe 2022 is the time to say goodbye to Jesse Pinkman.