‘Breaking Bad’s Most Iconic Set Recreated on ‘Better Call Saul’: Here’s How It Happened

by Alex Falls

Breaking Bad fans were treated to a long-awaited return when Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprised their roles from the show on Better Call Saul. The Breaking Bad spin-off has slowly been building up to where the original show picks up from. Even though the events of have entertained fans in their own right, everyone was extremely excited to see the return of their favorite characters.

One fan enticing moment that came in their return episode, appropriately titled “Breaking Bad”, saw not only the characters return but also the beloved RV they crafted their signature product. Also known as the Krystal Ship, the RV became as iconic as Walter White himself. So when it came time to recreate the make-shift lab, the show wanted to make it as accurate as possible.

Set decorator Ashley Marsh took charge of recreating the iconic RV. She described herself as “psyched” to get her hands on the set. She said even though Sony still had the original RV from Breaking Bad, the inside had been completely gutted.

To recreate the inside of the RV, Marsh Marsh “religiously rewatched” Breaking Bad and took “8,000 screen grabs” to achieve careful attention to detail. Every beaker, every chemical container, and every piece of glass had to be sourced and purchased.

Getting the Details Exactly Right on Better Call Saul

In order to make sure they recreated the set exactly right, Marsh had to go out and find a 1986 Bounder. The same model used for the show. All of the seats, the lights, and even the mini-fridge had to be recreated to perfectly match the whole RV. She lucked out on her search when she found Frank Sandoval. He ran a Breaking Bad-themed RV tour company in Albuquerque.

Marsh said Sandoval was the only person in possession of the exact window coverings used in Breaking Bad. Typical TV viewers might never recognize details that small. But Marsh said the show’s creators were adamant about getting all of the details exactly right. Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould emphasized to Marsh the fans would go as far as cutting together scenes side by side to find the differences. So Marsh became “hyperaware” of how right this set needed to be.

One special way this new version of the Krystal Ship differs from the original is it was built for motion. The set decorators got to imagine how Walt and Jesse might have packed up their equipment for travel. When shooting the interior motion scenes, the special effects team attached airbags underneath to make the make-shift meth lab rock back and forth as if it was really driving through the desert.

No detail was spared in giving fans the perfect recreation of the classic Breaking Bad meth lab. The original show is one of the most acclaimed of all time. And Better Call Saul has done every effort to live up to that legacy.