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Bryan Cranston Reveals New ‘Breaking Bad’ Surprise in Unexpected Way

by Joe Rutland
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Bryan Cranston is part of a series titled Your Honor as New Orleans judge Michael Desiato, who’s gone through some things. But most people will know him from his work on the AMC series Breaking Bad as Walter White. Cranston said that a surprise tying both shows together will be happening.

“As a nice little Easter Egg, there’s a very important role of an actor who comes on and is part of the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe,” he said. “So it was fun to see that person, and I won’t say who it is, but that person comes on and we have a really cool interaction.

“We just pulled in the best actors we could find and let them do their thing,” he said. “And it made for an alchemy that really has an explosive finish.”

‘Your Honor’ Popularity Led Bryan Cranston Back For Season 2 Of the Show

Now, it’s been close to two years since Your Honor ended. It did with Adam Desiato (Hunter Doohan) dying in the arms of his inconsolable father, Michael Desiato. That happens after Adam gets struck down by a bullet meant for thug Carlo Baxter.

The episode there supposedly closed the saga of Your Honor, based on the Israeli series Kvodo. It was intended to run for one close-ended season. The show is so popular that Bryan Cranston and showrunner Peter Moffat were lured back, the New York Post reports. The show set Showtime viewership records. It premieres on Jan. 15 (9 p.m. Eastern) on Showtime with new cast member Rosie Perez.

Cranston Said Season 2 Is About Redemption, Forgiveness

Cranston talked about the show in a joint interview with Perez for The Post. “I thought the season ended well and I was fine with walking away,” Cranston said. “But Peter Moffat said, ‘What do you think happened to Michael after that?’ I said, ‘I think he ended his own life or he’s in prison for his crimes’ … and we started talking and I realized there was a lot more story to tell — and if Showtime was willing to dive into dark subject matter that I would be willing to dive in with them.

“That, to me, was the only way to have any possibility of a story,” Bryan Cranston said. “To continue to deal with that reality. Season 2 is about both asking for and receiving redemption and forgiveness … things that people have related to in their lives. Issues that are heavy and serious. And I thought that if we can honestly walk through that and deal with despair in an honest way, then I’m interested in exploring that.”