‘Bull’ Star Michael Weatherly Wrapped the Show’s Run By Ditching His Pants and Sharing His Favorite Memories

by Shelby Scott

After spending 13 seasons on “NCIS” and headlining six seasons of the CBS legal drama “Bull,” Michael Weatherly has won the hearts of fans with his ironic sense of humor and his unpredictable shenanigans. Most recently, the Jason Bull actor wrapped up his headlining show in a glorious fashion. On the set of the show, he ditched his pants and began sharing some of his favorite memories.

“Bull’s” season finale this year was especially significant as it marked the conclusion of the series. However, it also became CBS’s final finale to air for the 2021-2022 season. As a way to commemorate the conclusion, fans were treated to a behind-the-scenes photo of the “Bull” star with his feet propped up on a desk, reading a script, and wearing a hoodie, with nothing but a pair of briefs. Check it out.

“Bye bye pants,” Michael Weatherly captioned the post.

Other behind-the-scenes photos reveal the longtime actor, surprisingly, had trouble memorizing his lines. Another Tweet shows Michael Weatherly often had his script taped up somewhere out of view when shooting scenes for “Bull.” Check it out.

“A final peek at what the past/future looked like,” the “Bull” star wrote in the post. “I wish I’d been able to memorize that stuff, but I’m pretty sure that I tried. Pretty sure!”

Fans took to the comments to share their love for Michael Weatherly, “Bull,” and his former show, “NCIS.”

“Quality actor on NCIS and Bull,” one fan wrote. “Two very different roles and you made them yours. Look forward to your next one.”

Another of the actor’s fans commented, “You will be missed. Please go back to NCIS.”

Interestingly, one “NCIS” showrunner previously stated Michael Weatherly’s return to the show following his run on “Bull” is definitely a welcome opportunity.

Steven D. Binder Speaks to Michael Weatherly’s Potential Return to ‘NCIS’

It was a difficult adjustment for fans of “NCIS” to see Michael Weatherly star in an entirely different show when the Anthony DiNozzo actor left the series during its 13th season. However, after a few moments of adapting, plenty of “NCIS” fans grew to love Michael Weatherly as Jason Bull. That said, plenty of us are still hoping the actor reprises his role as DiNozzo at some point and following the conclusion of “Bull,” one “NCIS” showrunner remains very open to welcoming him back.

Although showrunner Steven D. Binder hasn’t specifically said Micahel Weatherly would make a return to “NCIS,” he did share his enthusiasm about his potential return. In addressing fans questions on the subject, he said he would “absolutely love to do something like that.”

Nevertheless, he emphasized, “That’s going to depend on Michael Weatherly.”

According to Uinterview, Binder said the last time he spoke with the “Bull” star, “he [was] going to take some time off and rest because he went from a very difficult schedule on ‘NCIS’ to headlining his own show for six years, through Covid.”