Carrie Ann Inaba Remembers Anne Heche’s Time on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

by Alex Falls

Friends and celebrities continue to voice their tributes for Anne Heche. The award-winning actress lost her life after a fiery car crash sent her to the hospital. Her significant injuries sent her into a coma from which she never regained consciousness.

Details behind the crash are controversial, but many people who worked with Heche are memorializing her for the body of work she leaves behind. In one of her many projects, Heche competed on the 29th season of the competition TV series Dancing with the Stars. Despite being eliminated third, she still made a positive impact on the judges during her time on the show. Carrie Ann Inaba judged that season, and she spoke to People about Heche and her remarkable work.

“She was a unique person,” Inaba, said. “So open and vulnerable, yet also so direct and courageous. I believe she was someone who was often misunderstood … and like all humans, she made mistakes. But when I watched her perform up close, all I could feel from her was joy and an open heart. She loved to perform and she wasn’t afraid to fail.”

She continued in her statement, “She was a rare and precious person and I am sad that she has left us and her family so soon,” Inaba added. “I wish her family healing and love … and may Anne Heche rest and play in peace now … She will always be a part of the DWTS family.”

Inaba Pays Tribute to Heche

Inaba didn’t stop there as she paid tribute to Heche. She also posted an emotional tribute to the fallen actress on her Instagram page.

In her post, Inaba said Heche had been on her mind since the news broke of her accident. With a heavy heart, she continued with a heartfelt statement about her friend.

“Anne was one of the stars on @dancingwiththestars that truly touched my heart,” she wrote. “Her personal story was one that reached into my heart and squeezed it. I could feel the pain she felt, and I could also feel her resilient and courageous soul. And it was touching. I had no idea all that she had gone through in this lifetime and I felt a connection to her and the struggles she faced in life. Despite her trials and tribulations, she had a bright light when she came out on that stage to dance.”

She said every time she got to watch Heche perform on the show she saw the “complete joy” and “celebration of life” Heche tried to live by. Inaba said the Heche’s performances “reached into [her] heart and squeezed it.”

“Anne, I just wanted to say I’m grateful to have had the chance to SEE you,” Inaba wrote. “You had a great impact on many of us not only with your talent, but also with your free spirit. Thank you for the unique being you are. I’m praying for you. And so are many others. I hope you can feel it.”