CBS Daytime Fall Premiere Dates Revealed: Major Details on ‘The Price Is Right’ & More

by Suzanne Halliburton

CBS has revealed its fall premiere dates for its powerful daytime lineup. Fans need only wait a few more days for brand new shows.

So here are a few details for CBS daytime.

First, The Talk comes back with new episodes, Sept. 12. The show has been rerunning popular episodes as The Talk took off August.

CBS Daytime features The Talk. It starts a new season Sept. 12. (Cliff Lipson/CBS © 2022)

And CBS wouldn’t have its super strong daytime lineup without its soap operas. The Young and the Restless celebrates a big anniversary this season. We’re talking 50 years. The traditional gift is gold. Instead, give the show your attention since network soap operas are an endangered species. Earlier this summer, NBC decided to pull Days of Our Lives off of network and make Peacock its new home.

Young and the Restless kicks off its new season, Sept. 30. There will be some tweaks, namely in its logo. It’s all building towards March 26, 2023, its official broadcast anniversary. That’s Y&R’s official broadcast anniversary.

Meanwhile, CBS also boasts the most-watched soap opera on daytime TV. That’s the Bold and the Beautiful. Season 36 begins Sept. 26. And that’s a special episode because Y&R and the Bold and Beautiful will do a crossover. Also keep an eye out for a deluxe 9,000th episode. That’s set for April 14, 2023.

You’ll want to check out a cross over between The Bold and The Beautiful (some cast members seen here) on Sept. 26. (Sean Smith/CBS)

Network Game Shows Kick Off Season, Sept. 19

CBS daytime also sports two long-time game shows.

The Price Is Right debuts season No. 51 on Sept. 19. (This is also the same week that CBS begins rolling out premieres for its primetime lineup). And since we’re acknowledging special dates, host Drew Carey marks his 15th year with the show. CBS said there will be several more The Price Is Right At Night throughout the season.

The Price Is Right is a cornerstone for CBS daytime. (Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022)

Meanwhile, Let’s Make a Deal also kicks off new episodes on Sept. 19. The show has been around in some form since 1963. But this is its 14th season on CBS primetime. The first week of new shows features “Fabulous Car Week.” And fabulous is accurate. Competitors will compete for luxury cars. And of course, the show brings back the popular Mega Money Mondays. One lucky contestant is guaranteed a $10,000 check. Host Wayne Brady also will be doing some Let’s Make a Deal shows for primetime.