‘Cheers’: How Actor Adam Scott Paid Tribute to the Classic Series for His New Apple Show

by Craig Garrett

Severance star Adam Scott recently paid homage to his favorite classic tv show, Cheers, for a photo shoot with W Magazine. The Apple TV+ thriller Severance seems to have little in common with the bar where everyone knows your name. Scott portrays Mark, a hopeless Lumon Industries office drone. Mark undergoes a procedure in which his work life and personal life are ‘severed’ into two separate parts. The procedure is meant to ensure that all individuals will never know anything about what goes on inside of Lumon while they’re not in the office. The company’s goal is to keep its privacy and avoid internal revolts from employees.

However, you could argue that Cheers is just the sort of place folks go to sever themselves from their work life. The sitcom ran on NBC for 11 seasons, from 1982 to 1993. It was an anchor of “Must See TV” and helped usher in hits like Seinfeld. When Adam Scott was asked to pay tribute to a favorite show for W Magazine, Cheers was a clear choice.

“Cheers was such a big deal when I was growing up in the ’80s,” Adam Scott told W Magazine. “It was on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. It was very much an adult world.”

Why Adam Scott lived and breathed Cheers

To a young Adam Scott, the fashion and feel of the show was something to aspire to. “Everybody looked great, with the New England culture they were replicating on the show. The rugby shirts, and the suit and tie after work going to the bar…that’s not really a West Coast thing, at least not in small-town Northern California. None of it was a part of my upbringing or my parents’ culture.”

However, Adam Scott finally got a taste of that New England flavor. “My stepmother grew up on the East Coast, so we took a couple of trips there when I was a kid and went to Boston,” he explained. “I got a Cheers sweatshirt and really had this fascination with that “East Coast, Cape Cod, prep school, people stopping by the watering hole after work” world.” The actor believes the show meant more to him than he realized looking back. “For me, Cheers was more than just this sitcom. It was a tunnel into this other world that I aspired to. It was a really cool feathered-hair and rugby shirt era.”

Does Cheers still hold up today?

So the question remains, does Cheers hold up for superfan Adam Scott? Or like so many things from the past, is it just nostalgia propping up the good memories? “I went back in the summer of 2019 and watched Cheers in its entirety,” Scott explained. “Ted [Danson’s] performance is untouchable, and he carried that show dramatically as well, laying the base of a relationship with Shelley Long’s character that was the beating heart of the entire show. She was unbelievable.” Scott believes Danson is a national treasure.”I put Ted up there with all the best actors,” Scott said.

Still, like any good fan, Adam Scott knows when to leave well enough alone. When asked about what actors he would cast in a Cheers reboot, he seems disgusted. “I don’t think that it’s possible. Those characters are too iconic to recast!”