‘Chicago Fire’: How Will the Show Handle Brett and Casey’s Relationship in Season 11?

by Taylor Cunningham

It took a year of will-they-won’t-they turmoil before Sylvie Brett and station 51 golden boy Matt Casey finally formed their Brettsey union on Chicago Fire. But it seemed that just as soon as the couple got together, the series doomed their love. Technically, the two are still trying to make it work, though. So how will that look as the series moves into season 11?

Last year, Casey moved to Oregon to take custody of his best friend Andy Darden’s children after Darden died on the job. But before he left, he vowed to give his connection with Brett a shot by committing to a long-distance relationship. And throughout the rest of the season, they managed to stay together despite the miles. However, they never actually made trips to see each other.

Then towards the end of the season, Brett’s late mother’s husband told Brett that she needed to prioritize time with the people she loves, namely Casey. And Brett realized she needed to take a leave of absence to be with him.

Brett left the firehouse for a few weeks as she bonded with Casey. And the two both returned for Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd’s wedding in the season finale. But it was obvious that things were not right between the two of them.

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Couple is Likely Headed Towards a Breakup

While they still had an obvious love for each other, both of them were happy with their new lives. And they didn’t want to make the change needed to keep their relationship moving forward. Casey had always wanted to be a father, and he had settled into his new role in Oregon perfectly.

Brett was also flourishing in her career. And she told her boyfriend that she noticed that he built “a beautiful life” in his new home, but she didn’t see Oregon as her home.

“My 51 family is here, my work is here, my life is here,” she said during the Stellaride reception. “How much longer can we keep this up with so much time apart? But we’re together tonight.”

While the series worked hard to write the characters into a blissful state of love, it seems impossible that they two will stay together. Because Casey’s Matt Spencer left the series last year and has never mentioned coming back as a regular or recurring star, he can’t move back to the Windy City. And as long as Brett’s Kara Killmer remains on the show, she can’t move to Oregon either.

So despite Chicago Fire’s often unique ways of making storylines work, we have to assume that our fellow Brettsey fans out there are in for a heartbreaker this season. Though, we could always witness a famous One Chicago surprise.

The series opener will likely set up the couple’s fate from the start though. And because all of the One Chicago series premiere on September 21st, we don’t have much longer to wait to see how the two deal with their bittersweet dilemma.