‘Chicago Fire’: Are Violet Mikami and Evan Hawkins Still Dating?

by Caitlin Berard

Chicago Fire follows a team of firefighters, rescue workers, and paramedics as they work tirelessly to save the citizens of Chicago from life-threatening situations. As such, the series features plenty of high-stakes drama. One of the main draws of the show, however, is the drama between coworkers.

Office romances are common in Firehouse 51. And the daily stresses of the job mixed with personal issues and the occasional interference from another member of the team make for some seriously dramatic relationships.

Though a common occurrence in the show, the Season 10 finale of Chicago Fire was particularly rife with romantic storylines. The long-awaited Stellaride wedding was the main attraction. However, Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett also discussed the future of their long-distance relationship, and the romance between Hawkins and Violet hit a rocky patch.

But are Chicago Fire‘s Violet Mikami and Evan Hawkins still together? The answer is an unsatisfying “for now.”

Interim medic Emma Jacobs was more determined than ever to drive a wedge between Hawkins and Violet and take the latter’s job. As Evan Hawkins is the Paramedic Field Chief, the decision was his to make. And when he didn’t jump at the chance to save his girlfriend’s job, Violet was left feeling betrayed.

Thankfully, Emma was soon fired from the unit, as she left a victim in the middle of treatment. The damage was done between Hawkins and Violet, however. And with Gallo stepping up to prove his loyalty to Violet at just the right moment, there’s no telling what could happen in Season 11 of Chicago Fire.

Though the despicable Emma wasn’t exactly a fan favorite, EP Andrea Newman said she was a joy to write. “We’ve had so much fun with the Emma character and the actress is great,” she explained to Deadline.

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Love Triangle Between Violet, Hawkins, and Gallo is ‘Still Alive’

Before the finale, it appeared that Violet’s uncertainty about her relationship with Hawkins was behind her. The finale episode of Chicago Fire Season 10 was a reminder, however, of Andrea Newman’s previous insistence that the love triangle between Hawkins, Violet, and Gallo was alive and well.

In her interview with Deadline, showrunner Andrea Newman gave some insight into their complicated relationships. “The Gallo, Hawkins, Violet love triangle is still alive,” she said. “There’s still a lot of complications between them. It’s not going to be as simple as off she goes with Hawkins. It’s still a tricky situation for all three of them. And Gallo ends up very much in between those two.”

“[Gallo] has been a good friend and that can be very attractive,” Newman continued. “She’s got herself in between two really great guys who are very different. It’s very complicated.”

Emma is finally out of the picture, making the situation slightly less chaotic for Violet and Hawkins. However, should Violet decide Gallo is the better man, Season 11 could prove disastrous for her current relationship.