‘Chicago Fire’: Behind the Scenes Video Hints at Severide and Kidd Reunion

by Tia Bailey

A new season of “Chicago Fire” is premiering soon, and with the cliffhanger the last season left off on, fans are more than ready. A behind-the-scenes video shows a fan-favorite reunion in the works.

Chicago Fire” has been on-air for 10 seasons, with season 11 approaching this September. The couple who fans love, Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) finally tied the knot in the season 10 finale. However, the season ended on a cliffhanger — the newlyweds being followed by an unknown SUV.

With the trope of newlyweds meeting a disastrous fate (“Castle,” “Jane the Virgin,” etc.), fans have been worried for whats going to happen to their beloved characters now that they have finally been married.

However, a behind-the-scenes video has put some fans’ minds at ease. Actor Daniel Kyri Madison, who portrays Darren Ritter, posted a video on his Instagram story of he and other cast members having fun while filming. Kinney and Mayo are seen in the video, at least confirming that the pair will been seen together in the upcoming season, hopefully unharmed.

The Twitter account @onechicagonews tweeted the video out, writing: “Daniel Kyri Madison (@danielkyri) posted a video with David Eigenberg (@DavidEigenberg), Taylor Kinney and Miranda Rae Mayo (@msmayoalldayo). #ChicagoFire.”

Madison captioned the video “Stuck w the crazies,” and features the the actors pushing around and stumbling over each other while he grimaces jokingly.

One fan responded to the video saying that the look behind-the-scenes confirms Severide and Kidd’s safety. They wrote: “So I’m guessing everyone knows they both survive whatever happens at the cabin then.”

Another fan quote-tweeted the video, saying: “I can’t get over this!! This is funny!!! @filming_chicago Chicago Fire is goofy!!”

Fans Await New Season of “Chicago Fire” Following Cliffhanger Ending

Screen Rant pointed out that in another video, we can see Kidd wearing her wedding ring. “While it’s uncertain what the cast were filming, the fact that she was wearing her wedding ring indicated that the sequence occurs after her honeymoon,” they wrote.

The BTS looks have provided comfort for worried fans. Viewers have been posting about the couple constantly. One fan tweeted out: “stella kidd married her best friend and kelly severide married his best friend <3” along with a photo of the wedding.

Even the Chicago One official Twitter account tweeted out more photos of the couple, writing: “We were never the same after this scene. #ChicagoFire.”

Although season 11 is still over a month away, the BTS looks have kept viewers satisfied and hyped up for the new season. Another fan tweeted about Madison’s video of the cast goofing off, saying: “the chicago fire cast is definitely something else.”

The new season of “Chicago Fire” premieres on September 21 on NBC.