‘Chicago Fire’ Bosses Discuss Brett and Casey’s Relationship After Time Away

by Shelby Scott

This week airs the final episode of “Chicago Fire‘s” 10th season. And now, after weeks away, we can finally look forward to the return of show regular, Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett). As we know, Brett took a temporary leave to go spend time with her long-distance boyfriend, Matt Casey, in Oregon. The last we saw Casey was during “Chicago Fire’s” milestone 200th episode where he bid his coworkers an emotional goodbye. But, much to our delight, showrunners are welcoming back both characters this week. And, amid preparations for the long-awaited Stellaride wedding, “Chicago Fire” bosses have spoken out about the state of the Brettsy romance, following the paramedic’s hiatus.

During an interview with TVLine, showrunner Andrea Newman said, “With [Brett and Casey], as we’ve seen in the past, they get closer with every moment they spend together. They’re really in love.”

As we’ve seen this season, that’s pretty clear. However, despite that love, the “Chicago Fire” showrunner hinted love might not be enough for Casey and Brett.

“The question is sort of bigger than [their love for each other],” she explained. “It’s more about the time when they’re apart right now and the fact that they have to be apart to each be able to have their own lives.”

As far as how that storyline plays out in the finale, Newman concluded, “that’s the crux of the issue.”

In addition, “Chicago Fire” executive producer Derek Haas said, “I think when you have a long distance relationship, the goodbyes don’t get easier. They get harder. And we’re going to see a little of that.”

Brett and Casey Share a Slow Dance During the ‘Chicago Fire’ Finale

Altogether, we know Brett and Casey will share the spotlight during Wednesday night’s “Chicago Fire” finale. But, we also got confirmation of the character’s return in new photos from the episode itself. Last week, fans of the series got a sneak peek as “Chicago Fire” bosses released all-new photos.

One photo puts a spotlight on Severide and Casey during the former’s wedding day. Another captures Casey in a slick suit slow dancing with Sylvie Brett. And while this is a moment fans have truly been waiting for, Brett’s expression indicates things aren’t going as smoothly as they might initially appear.

From the look of the photo, viewable over at TV Insider, Brett and Casey are having a rather serious conversation. Brett, who’s donned a bright red dress and dangling earrings for the special occasion plainly has worry written across her face, her brow furrowed and her eyes locked in on Casey’s.

Across from her, Casey peers slightly downward, fully taking in her presence, though his own expression hints he’s definitely concerned about something.

Overall, while Firehouse 51’s daring rescues tend to leave us on edge, it’s the romance of “Chicago Fire’s” season 10 finale that has us worried.