‘Chicago Fire’s Christian Stolte Wishes Eamonn Walker Happy Birthday in Heartfelt Post

by Samantha Whidden

On Sunday (June 12th), “Chicago Fire” star Christian Stolte took to his Instagram account to wish his co-star, Eammon Walker, a happy 60th birthday in a special heartfelt post. 

“Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful human beings I know,” the “Chicago Fire” actor shared. “We love you, E.”

Eamonn Walker has been on “Chicago Fire” since 2012 as Chief Wallace Boden. He has also appeared in the other “Chicago” shows, “Chicago P.D.” and “Chicago Med” as well as “Chicago Justice.”

While speaking to TV Meg, Walker spoke about the relationship he has with his “Chicago Fire” co-stars. “The thing is, we care. We care about each other, and we care about the job still because of the love of the people that are here and the family that we have. So, that’s never going to go away. I know that now.”

In regards to Chicago as a city, the “Chicago Fire” star revealed that the Windy City has an underbelly that everyone knows about. “ I know that the media sometimes picks up on or just puts it out, and when I go back to London, I know that’s part of the stuff that they pick up on, but I know London really well. There’s an underbelly to London that will freak you out, and I come from that part of London. So, for me, there’s nothing unusual here. It’s all fantastic when you get to know the people, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and it’s the people that make Chicago.”

During a 2018 interview with Starry Mag, “Chicago Fire” star Christian Stolte shared his thoughts about why he believes the hit NBC TV series is so popular. 

“I think there’s just something universal about the family dynamic on the show,” Stolte explained. And in the nature of the incidents and accidents we respond to. It doesn’t matter what country or culture you come from, when you see a car dangling on the edge of a precipice with someone trapped inside, you have a pretty good idea of what’s at stake.”

While also chatting about how social media impacts the series, Stolte stated, “It is certainly a whole new world when it comes to audience feedback. I generally enjoy it, but I am easily irked when someone says something nasty or unpleasant about one of my coworkers, who happen to be among my dearest friends. In times like that, I confess I’m tempted to shut the whole thing down and not participate anymore.”

When asked about who he hasn’t worked with on a “Chicago” show that he would like to share a scene with, Stolte added he’s a huge fan of Oliver Platt and would like to do a scene with him. “Also, I’d love to work more closely with Colin [Donnell] from ‘Med,’ LaRoyce [Hawkins] from ‘PD’ and I always, always want more scenes with my beloved wife Trudy [Amy Morton].”