‘Chicago Fire’: Was This Christopher Herrmann’s ‘Worst’ Storyline?

by Caitlin Berard

In its ten years on air, Chicago Fire has amassed a dedicated, passionate fanbase with its dramatic storylines and flawed but lovable characters. With incredible characters like Kelly Severide, Matt Casey, and Wallace Boden, it’s tough to say which is the clear favorite among fans. It’s difficult, however, not to make an argument for Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg).

Christopher Herrmann has acted as the heart and soul of Firehouse 51 from the very beginning, making his debut in the pilot episode. As the crew’s resident family man, Herrmann is incredibly devoted to his team. And though his job requires making some tough decisions, he always tries to do what’s best for everyone.

He’s also the Fire Lieutenant, which means being a leader to his crew while remaining a trusted friend, but he never fails to find balance. Because of his endearing personality and commitment to his team and his job, he’s adored by fans, and the vast majority of his storylines are winners. One, however, didn’t quite cut it for Chicago Fire fans.

Season 6 of the beloved drama kicked off with a bang, as the previous season ended with a brutal cliffhanger. Several members of the squad were trapped in a burning building, struggling to not only save civilians but make it out alive themselves. Season 6 opens with a continuation of this story, Christopher Herrmann and Matt Casey each risking their lives to save someone else.

When it came time to recognize the firefighters for their brave actions, however, only Casey received an Award of Valor. Despite being in the same situation as his teammate, Herrmann got nothing.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Slam Show for Disregarding Herrmann

Chicago Fire fans love Matt Casey and want to see him succeed. However, they struggled to understand why he was honored for his actions while Herrmann’s were ignored. In a Reddit thread discussing the series’ crimes in underappreciating Herrmann, fans discussed this storyline.

“Hermann saved Mouch’s life and BURNED his neck…completely overlooked,” the thread’s creator wrote. “Yeah it’s kinda unfair,” another added. “The thing that bothers me most is the office part. He even tried to make his own office when nothing else worked, and almost burned down 51. He’s one of those characters on the show that really doesn’t get everything he deserves.”

Another fan expressed mixed feelings on the matter. “I agree but also don’t agree,” they said. “With the first point, yes, he saved Mouch… Which is great don’t get me wrong. But it involved less risk to his own life than did Casey’s actions. [Because of that] Casey’s actions would be elevated in regards to measures of valor. It isn’t about valuing Herrmann or Mouch less than the civilian, but about the risk to Casey’s own life being greater.”