‘Chicago Fire’ Confirms Fan-Favorite Couple Is Still Together Ahead of Season 11 Premiere

by Shelby Scott

Chicago Fire left us with more questions than answers following its season 10 premiere at the end of May. At the time, our attention was fixed on Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd following their long-awaited wedding day celebration. However, now, we’re also thinking about another fan-favorite couple. Before season 10 of Chicago Fire concluded, fans were left wondering whether Ambulance 61’s Violet Mikami and Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins were headed toward a breakup. Now, thanks to a new post from actress Hanako Greensmith, we can confirm the characters are still together ahead of season 11.

According to One Chicago Center, Greensmith’s been posting many Instagram stories since Chicago Fire picked up filming in July. And many of those stories see her alongside Evan Hawkins actor Jimmy Nicholas.

Per the outlet, Greensmith’s previous posts had already confirmed Nicholas would be returning to the show in a recurring capacity. However, a more recent, and hysterical post, shows that the duo’s characters will (hopefully) work through the rough patch they are currently undergoing on screens.

One photo, which you can view here, shows the Violet and Hawkins actors side by side in the mirror. Nicholas is seen shaving his face and Greensmith is shaving her armpits. The Chicago Fire star captioned the post, “TV couples who shave together stay together!!!”

The second photo sees Greensmith stepping away from the Chicago Fire drama for a moment. Instead, she shows off her shaving cream-coated armpit, writing, “Bringing you network femininity this fine morning,” followed by a thumbs-up emoji.

Hopefully, we’ll take a deep dive into her character’s storyline when Chicago Fire returns next month.

How Will ‘Chicago Fire’ Writers Handle Casey and Brett’s Relationship?

Aside from “Stellaride,” and Violet and Hawkins, Chicago Fire fans are also worried about the beloved “Brettsey” couple. Brettsey is comprised of paramedic Sylvie Brett and former Truck 81 Captain Matt Casey. The pair officially became a couple at the end of season nine. But when season 10 kicked off, it wasn’t long until Casey actor Jesse Spencer announced his departure from the show. Since then, writers have left Brett and Casey navigating a long-distance relationship. But as fans, we’re wondering how writers will handle that open-ended problem heading into season 11.

Per this Outsider article, it’s likely that Chicago Fire‘s writers will immediately submerge fans back into the Brett/Casey storyline. With so many questions swirling around the couple’s relationship, it’s unlikely Chicago Fire creators will leave us guessing for long.

Instead, it seems the power couple is, inevitably, headed toward a breakup. At the end of season 10, Brett told Casey, who moved to Oregon following the series’ milestone 200th episode, “My 51 family is here, my work is here, my life is here.” Obviously, this suggests Brett has no intention of leaving the Windy City.

Similarly, Casey has found peace and genuine happiness working as a wildland firefighter in Oregon and caring for his late best friend’s sons in a new father-figure role.

During the finale of Chicago Fire season 10, Casey drew attention back to the present moment, dancing with Brett at Stella and Kelly’s reception. But we’ll hopefully have answers when One Chicago returns to TV on Wednesday, September 21st.