‘Chicago Fire’: Could Casey and Brett Call It Quits in Season 10 Finale?

by Taylor Cunningham

Casey and Brett will be happily reunited on-screen during this week’s Chicago Fire season finale. But with the two living half a country apart, those smiles can’t last forever.

With the fate of the couple being such a pivotal matter, series bosses Andrea Newman and Derek Hass sat down with TVLine to share the inside scoop on their romance. And the duo teased that the distance may spell the end for the One Chicago couple.

As Newman said, the two are at a major crossroads. For the past few episodes, Brett has been on leave while spending time with her beau. And while they were on cloud nine during their reunion, the Stellaride wedding will serve as a painful reminder that their own relationship has moved backward.

“They’ve just spent a bunch of time together, and now they’re going to have to part ways again because they live in these separate places,” She said. “So he comes back with her, and they attend this wedding together and get to have that moment everybody has at a wedding where you look at somebody else’s relationship. And that makes you reassess your own. So that’s where they’re at in that finale.”

Casey and Brett Are Trying to Keep Their ‘Chicago Fire’ Romance Alive 2,000 Miles Apart

Those separate places are also nearly 2,000 miles apart. While Brett is still saving people out of the 51, Casey is now fighting wildfires out of Portland, Oregon. And to make the situation worse, he’s enjoying his new life.

Casey moved to Portland to care for his late friend’s children. And as Newman noted, being a dad is something that Casey has always wanted. In fact, he made that clear all the way back in season one. And during the finale, Brett will actually mention that her boyfriend’s new home is exactly where he needs to be.

“So now he’s in this new place, fighting wildfires and being a dad. And it feels like it’s just the right fit,” added Newman. “So we’ll see a Casey who is in a very happy and content place in terms of life and the big question mark is his relationship with Brett.”

But whatever Brett and Casey decide to do about their relationship during the Chicago Fire finale, it won’t be an easy choice. No matter what happens, “they’re really in love,” and they want to be together. But more than that, they want the best for each other—even if that means breaking up.

“With the two of them, as we’ve seen in the past, they get closer with every moment they spend together,” said Newman. “….But the question is sort of bigger than that. It’s bigger than the time when they’re together. It’s more about the time when they’re apart right now and the fact that they have to be apart to each be able to have their own lives. So that’s the crux of the issue in the finale, too.”