‘Chicago Fire’: Could Season 11 Feature the Return of Gabriela Dawson?

by Shelby Scott

The season 10 finale of “Chicago Fire” had many fans spiraling. Unfortunately, many of us were left with more questions than answers.

For example, we finally said goodbye to the antagonistic character Emma, Violet’s temporary partner. And Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd finally said their “I do’s.” However, many viewers are wondering what season 11 has in store for series alum Jesse Spencer, not to mention a host of other former stars including fan-favorites like Yuri Sardarov. As the cast of “Chicago Fire” heads into another week of hiatus following the season’s conclusion, plenty of fans are wondering, will Gabriela Dawson return this fall?

Longtime “Chicago Fire” fans will recall that Gabriela, or Gabby, Dawson, played by actress Monica Raymund, was one of Ambulance 61’s paramedics for about six years. Writers first introduced us to the character way back in the series’ pilot episode. Dawson was first partnered with the late paramedic, Leslie Shay. For six seasons we followed Dawson’s story as she navigated loss, marriage, heartbreak, pregnancy, and so much more.

Dawson later departed Chicago after divorcing former Truck 81 Captain Matt Casey. From there, she headed to Puerto Rico to manage disaster relief operations. The last time Dawson appeared in the series was during the season eight episode, “Best Friend Magic.” There, she had a brief rendezvous with Casey before heading back to Puerto Rico. Since then, we’ve heard nothing regarding the paramedic’s eventual return to “Chicago Fire.”

And now, ahead of season 11, it seems we shouldn’t expect to see Dawson any time soon.

‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Says Gabby Dawson Won’t Be Returning ‘Anytime Soon’

“Chicago Fire’s” executive producer and showrunner Derek Haas said ahead of the Season 10 finale that Gabby won’t appear in season 11. And she likely won’t return any time soon afterward. During a conversation with Us Weekly, he said, “She’s not coming back anytime soon. It felt like [she and Casey] had a really good…they left in a good place when she left the last time.”

According to AOL, Haas said of Casey, “Casey’s been a one-woman man since then,” referring to Sylvie Brett. “So we’re not throwing that wrench.”

Fellow “Chicago Fire” showrunner Andrea Newman did joke, however, “We’re throwing plenty of [wrenches], but not that one!”

The showrunners also spoke about the growth of Casey and Brett’s relationship. And given the fragile state of the couple, it definitely doesn’t make sense to have Dawson return this soon. After all, following the long-awaited Stellaride wedding at the end of season 10, Brett and Casey have to determine whether their relationship can survive long-distance. If not, we could soon see them call it quits in order to live their individual lives more wholly.