‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Derek Haas Says Producers ‘Begged’ Jesse Spencer To Return for Season 10 Finale

by Shelby Scott

With the season finale of “Chicago Fire” right around the corner, the NBC series’ executive producer Derek Haas has revealed some juicy tidbits about the makings of the final episode. Most prominently, he shared the journey to longtime “Chicago Fire” star Jesse Spencer’s return. And it apparently took a whole lot of convincing.

While speaking with TVLine, Haas admitted he and his colleagues practically begged the Matt Casey actor to return for the finale.

“We pretty much begged him, pleaded and offered him the moon so that he would come back and do the finale.”

He further shared, “Andrea and I and [executive producer Michael] Gilvary, basically, whatever it took, we were like, ‘Jesse, you’re coming and doing this finale.'”

Fortunately, the Matt Casey actor is a good sport because the “Chicago Fire” showrunner said Jesse Spencer had agreed to return for the finale long before all the begging and pleading began.

“He’s the greatest,” Haas gushed, “he was in even before we started all of that.”

That said, earlier in the show, Casey pledged to be Severide’s best man at his wedding. And, as Haas emphasized previously, “there’s no way Casey would miss seeing his best friend getting married.”

So, had he not returned for the season finale, it would have left the overall storyline with a gaping plot hole.

In concluding his statement, Haas said, “We’re so grateful to [Jesse] that he would come back and honor that pledge.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Finale Preview Confirms Jesse Spencer’s Return

If the new photos weren’t enough to confirm Jesse Spencer’s return to “Chicago Fire,” then check out the finale preview below. The compiled scenes and promo soundtrack promise the conclusion of “Chicago Fire’s” 10th season will be especially emotional. Check it out.

Exclamations of “Casey!” in the first moments mimick fans’ excitement for the series’ original character’s return.

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” Chief Boden remarks. The two share a warm embrace before we move into Casey’s friendship with Severide. The next few moments show the two firefighters sitting together and wearing wedding attire. Casey proudly shares with the lieutenant, “Watching you change since Stella came into your life—she’s made you a better man.”

Choir-like music emphasizes the long buildup to Stella and Severide’s wedding as the fireman watches his fiancé walk down the aisle beside Boden. Additionally, Stella’s decision to have her chief and mentor walk her down the aisle reveals the depth of their familial bond.

“You guys are mean to be,” Casey insists before the promo concludes.

All in all, we’re definitely in for a rollercoaster ride through many of our emotions. Be sure to tune in to NBC this Wednesday night when the “Chicago Fire” season finale airs at 9 p.m. EST.