‘Chicago Fire’: Did This Fan Photo Just Confirm Severide’s Season 11 Status?

by Tia Bailey

The last season of “Chicago Fire” ended on a cliffhanger. One fan photo may have just revealed the fate of one character.

The drama show follows the firefighters, rescue squad, and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51. The show currently has 10 seasons, with the 11th season underway.

Season 10 ended with fan-favorite couple Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) finally getting married. However, after the wedding, the finale ended with the pair being tailed by a mysterious vehicle. Fans were worried for the couple, wondering what was going to happen now that their happy ending seemed to be in jeopardy. However, a fan photo may have confirmed Severide’s safety.

One Chicago Updates on Twitter shared a fan selfie with Kinney on set. The tweet read: “| Taylor Kinney with a fan on the set of Chicago Fire Season 11. (c) @92cle.”

Looper wrote about the selfie, saying: “It seems obvious that Stella and Kelly survived, as killing off the happy couple would be a significant blow to the fandom.”

Fans responded to the selfie the same way. One fan quote-tweeted it, writing: “Thank goodness we know he is coming back.”

The selfie comes at the same time as another confirmation of Severide and Kidd’s safety. Actor Daniel Kyri Madison, who portrays Darren Ritter, posted a video on his Instagram story of he and other cast members having fun while filming. Both Kinney and Mayo appear in the video.

“Chicago Fire” Upcoming Season Has Fans Ready

One Chicago Updates gave a look at the first two episode titles. They tweeted: “| Chicago Fire Season 11 Titles Revealed. Episode 11.01 – Hold On Tight Episode 11.02 – Every Scar Tells a Story.”

From the sound of the titles, it looks like fans are in for an eventful series introduction. The account has also posted more cast photos with fans. Mayo has also appeared in one for season 11 filming. The account tweeted: “| Kara Killmer and Miranda Rae Mayo on the set of Chicago Fire Season 11.”

Several fans quote-tweeted the photo with the caption: “My girls.”

It was also recently confirmed that another couple on the show, Violet (Hanako Greensmith) and Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) are still together. Things were a little rough with the couple during the season 10 finale, with Violet revealing she was unsure about the future of their relationship, and maybe still having feelings for someone else.

However, Greensmith seemingly confirmed that the pair will be back and together. She posted a photo with Nicholas on her Instagram story, writing: “TV couples who shave together stay together!!!”

With both of these hopeful confirmations, fans are even more ready for the season premiere. “Chicago Fire” will be back on September 21 on NBC.