‘Chicago Fire’: Does Jason Pelham Return in Season 11?

by Shelby Scott

When Chicago Fire premieres its 11th season this fall, fans can look forward to the return of some veteran stars. Several include Taylor Kinney, Miranda Rae Mayo, and Kara Killmer. However, following major cast changes last year, we currently have one question in mind. Will recurring character Jason Pelham make an appearance when the brand new season debuts?

Pelham got a rocky start on Chicago Fire following the departure of former Captain Matt Casey. However, he soon became an extremely likable character within the world of One Chicago. The character, played by Brett Dalton, was intended to temporarily replace Casey after his actor, Jesse Spencer, departed network TV. However, when Stella Kid (Mayo) did not return in time to claim Truck 81’s vacant lieutenant position, Chief Boden made Pelham the truck’s permanent commander.

Pelham later shocked the hell out of viewers. After years spent in the floater pool, he vacated his newfound position at 51. That then enabled Kidd to take over as commander in chief on Truck 81.

Following his departure to another of Chicago’s firehouses, Jason Pelham made an appearance in one of season 10’s final episodes, “Halfway to the Moon.” There, we not only saw him working with his new crew; he also further deepened his bond with one of Chicago Fire‘s youngest first responders, Blake Gallo.

Given the surprising nature of Pelham’s feature then, we’re genuinely hoping Pelham returns for season 11. The bond he created with Gallo in such a short time adds immense depth to the character. However, unfortunately, according to One Chicago Center, even if Pelham does return, it won’t be for long.

Jason Pelham Actor Brett Dalton Keeps a Busy Schedule Aside from ‘Chicago Fire’

As per the outlet, Pelham likely won’t have any major storylines when Chicago Fire returns to NBC this fall. Outside of the hit drama, Dalton has also landed a recurring role in the police drama, The Equalizer, where he stars alongside Queen Latifah.

Overall, maintaining two significant roles at one time can prove extremely difficult for an actor. That said, One Chicago Center did state that the Chicago Fire star departed the series on extremely good terms with the cast and crew. In addition, his character’s location at a nearby Chicago firehouse enables writers to bring back the character much more easily and frequently than we’ve seen with other characters in the past.

So, if you’re saddened by Pelham’s departure from Chicago Fire, try not to worry too much. The One Chicago franchise has been known to bring back beloved characters on more than one occasion.

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