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‘Chicago Fire’: Does Violet End Up with Gallo or Hawkins?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Chicago Fire has plenty of love fireworks happening on the show and the latest one involves Violet Mikami, Evan Hawkins, and Blake Gallo. There is some stuff going down that might lead Violet in different ways. Will she end up with Gallo or Hawkins on the NBC drama? In the most recent episode, some relationship stuff gets worked out…for now.

Hawkins, played by Jimmy Nicholas, and Violet, played by Hanako Greensmith, end up at a sushi restaurant. They have “a hot scene,” according to co-showrunner for Chicago Fire Derek Haas. Then we get word from co-showrunner Andrea Newman about some things regarding Gallo, played by Alberto Rosende.

Love Triangle on ‘Chicago Fire’ Brings Characters To The Forefront

“Gallo has been sidelined a bit in the friend role, and that’s going to get a little shaken up in the last couple of episodes,” Newman says. “Because he’s really going to step up for Violet in unexpected ways and that’ll kind of bring him back into this triangle and make the triangle even more complicated than it already was.”

We’re talking about a love triangle here and it’ll be worth watching. We get more from TVLine. Who will Violet find herself spending more time with in the long run? This romantic period of time will heat up a bit. When it comes to the show’s fans, they are on board with wanting Jimmy Nicholas for now and forever.

Greensmith Shares Some Thoughts About Relationship With Hawkins

For Greensmith, she offers some insights into the relationship with Hawkins. Mainly, what does Violet see in him? “What I think is so funny is Gallo is so entirely different to Hawkins, and maybe that’s what right now Violet is attracted to,” she said in an interview with TV Insider. “I think she needs something super different from what Gallo can offer, someone who is emotionally available and who is unafraid to show that they have attraction and feelings for her, and therefore it’s less of a game and more of a journey.”

Actor Daniel Kyri happens to recall his time with Greensmith and Rosende on the show. He said that he and the other two actors did get along well. Kyri says that his own experience on the show has been a little different from theirs. “Coming into the show, from Day One, I’ve always felt really welcomed by everybody, and I know that they have as well,” he says. “But the difference is, even as part of the younger cast on the show, I have a lot of established roots in the community, in Chicago, being from here that they didn’t.”