‘Chicago Fire’: EP Derek Haas Reveals Major Pelham News

by Shelby Scott

Lieutenant Jason Pelham may have only featured in the front half of “Chicago Fire” Season 10, but right from the start actor Brett Dalton’s character left an overwhelmingly positive impression on “One Chicago” fans. Sadly, the charismatic fireman departed the NBC series several weeks ago. It’s then we saw him move aside so Stella Kidd could claim the officer’s position on Truck 81. However, now, as we near the season 10 finale, “Chicago Fire” fans can officially look forward to a Jason Pelham return. The exciting news came in an announcement from series showrunner and executive producer, Derek Haas.

During an exclusive with TVLine, Haas said of Brett Dalton’s character, “We’re going to see Pelham again before the season’s over.”

Pelham’s actor Brett Dalton joined the cast of “Chicago Fire” when mainstay character, Captain Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, made his official exit earlier in the season. After navigating a tense situation with Truck 81 firefighter and House 51’s own personal solo climber Blake Gallo, Pelham became a crucial member of the firehouse.

Since then, he has found work at another Chicago firehouse, leaving the potential for the character’s return. And with just weeks until the finale, it won’t be long before we reunite with the fan-favorite character.

Fellow executive producer, Andrea Newman, further shared, “The character proved such loyalty to [Firehouse] 51. It was really cool to see him bond and find his place there. And it’s nice to have him out in the world of CFD.”

Meet ‘Chicago Fire’ House 51’s Newest Addition

Following the departure of Truck 81 lieutenant Jason Pelham, Stella Kidd became tasked with finding a fourth and final firefighter to fill the position she formerly held beneath her fellow officer. And, after working alongside several problem firefighters, Kidd found Truck 81’s perfect match in the recurring character, Mason.

Mason is played by actor Chris Mansa. The actor made his first appearance on “Chicago Fire” last season in the episode, “Natural Born Firefighter.”

During a structure fire, the crew works to save several entrapped victims, however, they get help from an unexpected individual.

Later in the episode, we learn the unlikely hero is a former convict named Mason. In speaking with series original character Christopher Herrmann, we learn Mason received firefighter training during a prison program. However, his job prospects remain slim given his past.

Much to “Chicago Fire” fans’ surprise and delight, Mason reappeared several episodes ago following Pelham’s departure. And, after battling with both herself and fellow Lieutenant Herrmann, Kidd welcomes Mason to Truck 81. And, already, he has proven himself as a valuable asset to the crew.

In fact, last week’s episode, “Finish What You Started,” spotlighted Chris Mansa’s character. During an intense structure fire, he shows the rest of the crew how to collapse the wall of a school like a stand of trees. In doing so, he and his fellow firefighters manage to save an entire class of students.

With Mason a likable and dedicated firefighter, we can surely look forward to his character’s return following the season finale.