‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of Christopher Herrmann in One Season 5 Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

It’s undeniable that Christopher Herrmann is one of Chicago Fire fans’ all-time favorite firefighters. So when the show threw some shade at him a few seasons back, people were ready to defend his honor.

“Hermie-Herm,” as his 51 friends call him, is a down-to-earth, likable, and ever-dependable Lieutenant. But he can’t ever seem to catch a break. He’s been a regular on the series since its premiere. And despite 10 years’ worth of stories where the writers could have given him his 15 mins, he continues to be an underdog.

However, the season 5 finale set itself up to finally give Herrmann some recognition. During a massive blaze, he, Mouch, and Casey run into the flames to pull civilians to safety. But while they’re in there, Mouch goes into cardiac arrest.

Herrman jumps into action to give his friend CPR while Casey gets trapped in another room with a civilian. And just when they think the situation can’t get direr, the firefighters outside turn on the hoses and pour boiling water over Mouch and Herrmann.

Despite serious burns, Herrmann manages to save Mouch. Casey, on the other hand, escapes the water by taking cover under a piece of furniture.

During the season 6 opener, the camera pans over a formal event filled with all the Chicago Fire first responders. And after pausing on a portrait of Casey, it seems that the event is actually his funeral.

But as it turned out, it was actually a ceremony for the alive and well Casey that was recognizing him for his heroic, life-saving actions during the fire. Meanwhile, Herrmann was sitting in the audience as though he did nothing—what?

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Need The 51 To Take Herrmann Seriously Already

Fans of Christopher Herrmann were livid that the writers once again passed over the lieutenant. And they’re still sour today.

In a Reddit post, one user went on a small tangent over the fact that “Hermann is underappreciated and overlooked” consistently. And dozens of users agreed that he’s due for some credit already.

“So season 5 finale, I believe when everyone was trapped in that burning building and Mouch had a heart attack and HERMANN did CPR while BOILING water poured on him, who got a medal for that? Casey…Casey, who hid under a dresser or whatever it was,” u/rayoncee wrote. “Hermann saved Mouch’s life and BURNED his neck…completely overlooked.”

And the conversation trickled into all the ways that Herrmann is “one of the characters on the show that really doesn’t get everything that he deserves.”

But one of the most common issues that fans have, even over the medal of honor snub, is the fact that he’s a lieutenant. And he still doesn’t have his own office.

“Hermann is not taken that seriously,” wrote merikler89. “I still love his character. Although, I sometimes pity him and I see it unfair that he was not given an office.”