‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Still Can’t Get Over These Deaths From the Series

by Joe Rutland

Longtime Chicago Fire fans know that Lauren German and Treat Williams have been part of the show’s history yet are now gone. Both actors have found other work in their careers, of course. Yet their characters would die on the NBC first-responder drama. Fans would find themselves taking to the tissues really hard. Their tears over seeing Shay and Benny Severide die are still shared by others just finding this great show.

What happened with Shay? OK, according to One Chicago Center, Shay suffered fatal injuries from an explosion and building collapse. Upon seeing the collapse, Severide, played by Taylor Kinney, would find Dawson, played by Monica Raymund, trying to revive Shay. German played Shay on the show. Well, their efforts fell sadly short and Shay died. Fans were not expecting Shay to die. It left many of them shook to their core.

Kelly Severide on ‘Chicago Fire’ Didn’t Get Chance To Say Goodbye To His Father

Williams played Benny Severide, father to Kelly. Well, he suffers a stroke and gets trekked up to Chicago Med. As it turns out, Benny dies and his son did not get a chance to say “I love you” at all. What brought the fans to tears was that Benny was trying to get along with his son Kelly. Sure, he was a tough old goat at times and could be simply tough to be around. Still, there was no emotional moment of closing that happened.

Not letting Kelly have that with his own father might leave him feeling more downcast. The last moment father and son spent time together was not the best one at all. We’re sure that Kelly would have traded that one for a better moment. When a parent dies without getting closure, there’s something missing that keeps the connection warm inside a person’s heart. But Severide did have a better moment at the end of the most recent season. He and Stella Kidd, played by Miranda Rae Mayo, are now married. On top of that, his best friend Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, also showed up to support Kelly. Sylvie Brett, Matt’s squeeze played by Kara Killmer, also was along for the nuptials.

Shay and Benny stay in the memories of this show’s beloved fans. They are not forgotten. Yet the show, as they say, must go on and Chicago Fire definitely does into a new season. We will be watching to see how Severide and Kidd get along as a married couple now. Will Sylvie depart 51 for life with Matt in Oregon? What else might just happen in this coming season? Questions abound as the show’s fans await a new episode on Wednesday nights on NBC.