‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Can’t Get Past This Quirk of Casey’s

by Shelby Scott

Despite his departure from “Chicago Fire” last fall, Captain Matt Casey remains a crucial contributor to the hit show. However, like all people, Casey has his quirks. And, 10 seasons later, fans of the NBC series have taken to social media to air their grievances about it.

Since introduced as Captain Matt Casey in “Chicago Fire’s” first episode, Jesse Spencer’s character repeatedly wins the hearts of fans. His most dynamic traits include his affinity for heroism and his dedication to honesty. He’s also painstakingly loyal as a firefighter and friend. But Looper states one thing has really set “Chicago Fire” fans off and it’s that Matt Casey is constantly pointing fingers

For the most part, Matt Casey almost always admits when he has made a mistake. However, in heated moments, the “Chicago Fire” captain can have quite a temper, unafraid to get in peoples’ faces. And, all too often, those admonishments are accompanied by an irksome finger wag. Fans took notice of it across more than 200 episodes of the first responder series. And now, following the season 10 finale and Matt Casey’s brief return, many took Reddit to discuss the pattern.

One Redditor wrote, “I’ve spotted that whenever Casey is wound up about something or confronting someone, he has to point his finger in the person’s face so that we know he’s angry.”

Another “Chicago Fire” fan replied, “I just can’t take him seriously when he’s angry now as I’m sat here like ‘ooh he’s about to get the angry finger out.'”

One contributor found less humor in the quirk, writing, “As much as I love Jesse Spencer, this always annoyed me.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunners ‘Feel Bad’ About What Fans Endured During the Season Finale

As we have come to expect, the storyline for “Chicago Fire’s” 10th season didn’t just suddenly end with its finale. And that’s despite a litany of emotional exchanges, returns, and, as always, very exciting plots. However, ahead of the finale’s premiere, “Chicago Fire” showrunners, who teased the return of Matt Casey for weeks before the season’s conclusion, felt bad about what they put fans through.

“Chicago Fire” showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman have been very transparent throughout the show’s 10th season about some of the biggest events and cliffhangers. But despite it all, they blatantly expressed sympathy for fans regarding the finale.

“The final three episodes are like a race car revving up and then the second to last, penultimate one, it’s like the engine is getting up to smoking and then the car gets unleashed in the finale,” Haas previously told Us Weekly.

He continued, “the race is not over when the finale ends. I just feel bad for what fans are going to have to face in the finale.”