‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Absolutely Can’t Stand This Matt Casey Storyline

by Shelby Scott

Chicago Fire” star Jesse Spencer has starred in more than 200 episodes since the show launched in 2012. And, as much as “Chicago Fire” fans love the former Truck 81 captain, he’s not perfect. Across 10 seasons of “Chicago Fire,” we’ve had our share of dislikable Matt Casey moments. That said, there’s one Casey-centric storyline that fans absolutely can’t stand. And it’s the way writers sent the character away from Chicago ahead of Jesse Spencer’s final departure.

As always, we find the best “Chicago Fire” gossip on Reddit, and fans of the show took to the platform once again to air their grievances.

Following Matt Casey’s departure from Chicago and Firehouse 51, one fan wrote, “I’m honestly in shock… I’m gonna need a few weeks to process this.”

One fan had a much more heated reaction, writing, “It’s a stab in the back, no question. You have every right to be in shock.”

Plenty of others shared their thoughts in the same Reddit post, sharing their need to process and heal, as well as sharing their hurt that the character’s departure came so suddenly.

Meanwhile, Looper states Jesse Spencer had a very different take on the storyline.

“It felt so organic to me,” the “Chicago Fire” star wrote, following Matt Casey’s departure. He added, “[it was] a perfect full circle and a really reasonable way for Casey to organically leave.”

Will Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett Still be Together in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11?

No matter the reason, Matt Casey’s departure from “Chicago Fire” felt like a sucker punch to the gut for many fans of the series. However, it’s not just the character’s absence that has fans ragging on the actor’s decision to leave. It’s more so related to his new relationship with paramedic Sylvie Brett.

Following his strange breakup with one of “Chicago Fire’s” former paramedics Gabby Dawson, Brett and Casey began to develop romantic feelings for each other. And, just like the recently-wed Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd, writers spent seasons building up to their relationship.

So, when Jesse Spencer announced his decision to leave, many fans felt as though the rug had been ripped right out from under them. For just about three seasons, Casey and Brett developed a deep, emotional, and meaningful friendship that soon led to something so much more. And just when things were going well for the new couple, writers sent Casey to Oregon.

That said, will the couple break up following “Chicago Fire’s” season 11 premiere? According to showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman, things might just be headed that way.

While speaking with TVLine, Newman said, “[Brett and Casey] attend this wedding together and get to have that moment everybody has at a wedding where you look at somebody else’s relationship. And that makes you reassess your own.”

As per the showrunner, that’s exactly where we left the couple following the season 10 finale.