‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Debate the Show’s Best Antagonists

by Sean Griffin

Chicago Fire fans continue awaiting the new season. Season 11 of Chicago Fire premieres on September 21, 2022.

However, some fans took to popular message board Reddit to discuss their beloved show. The Chicago Fire fan community on Reddit had much to say when [email protected]_go_meow posed a question.

“Since it’s been quiet here the past few days lol, how about a little discussion question?” they asked on the thread, which can be found here. “Favorite villain/antagonist in the show?”

They responded to their own question first. “I’ll start. There’s been quite a few, but I personally had the most fun hating McLeod, Gorsch, and, most recently, Emma. Though Emma really only wreaked havoc among a few characters and not 51 as a whole, it was still fun to witness her antics.”

Other Redditors quickly chimed in.

One user named @PAACDA2 wrote, “I really don’t think we’ve seen the last of Emma..I was picturing her holding the firehouse hostage or something extra crazy . That arsonist that Severide pushed out the window was really creepy. I really want that nice bad guy that made Brett help him after the plane crash at gun point but then gave her a “get one free card” to make a problem go away to make a comeback. He really came through on that monster that was giving her & Mills a problem! I wish they would make Casey face a real moral crisis and actually be a human about it instead of ALWAYS being the saint ..that gets so old ..”

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Continue Debating Best Antagonist

The original poster then responding to @PAACDA2, writing, “Honestly, neither do I lol. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see… I wonder if Brett does still have that guy’s info. Who knows? That might come in handy if Emma ever does reappear to cause trouble lol.”

They continued: “If you’re referring to the guy Severide pushed out the window in the finale, that wasn’t an arsonist. He was connected to the drug dealers that attacked Severide. Unless you’re referring to another episode that I’m forgetting.”

More users brought their opinions to the thread.

User k0vi86 wrote, “The emma story was pretty dumb imo. Made zero sense why Hawkins and violet wouldn’t have to disclose their relationship and then they somehow get blackmailed because of it. Now emma who loves gore is freaked out by a fire that apparently wasn’t close enough to move a lady delivering a baby.”

The original poster replied back. They said, “Considering that she’s a psychopath/sociopath (anti-social personality disorder is technically the name of the condition, although I’m not medically diagnosing her, she just exhibits the signs), I’m not surprised by her reaction to that fire.”

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