‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Demand More of This ‘Underrated Duo’ in Season 11

by Shelby Scott

10 complete seasons of Chicago Fire have given us some stellar pairings, both romantically and platonically. One of the most dynamic (and loveable) couples within the One Chicago universe is firefighters Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide. However, in a mentor-mentee kind of way, we have Darren Ritter and Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann. Herrmann and Ritter differ drastically, in age, personality, and values. However, when it comes to fighting the worst fires, they work together like a well-oiled machine. Ahead of the season 11 premiere next month, though, fans have taken to social media demanding more of another entirely underrated duo.

Since joining Chicago Fire during its third season, paramedic Sylvie Brett has become one of the NBC series’ most popular characters. A lot of that has to do with her string of failed romances, however, she’s also a skilled first responder and a genuine people person. Put her with anyone, friend or foe, and you’ll still see the best in her.

Brett works well with almost anyone but, on occasion, Chicago Fire fans get to see her partner up with longtime Firehouse 51 member, Randall “Mouch” McHolland. Mouch and Brett couldn’t be any more different, with Brett still trying to figure out life’s path as Mouch begins to closely examine his place in, and maybe even retirement from, Chicago’s fire department. Still, put them together and you’ll see some of the most heartfelt, humorous, and hysterical interactions. Taking to Reddit, Chicago Fire fans are hoping to see more of the duo in season 11.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Say Mouch and Brett Are ‘Comedy Gold’

Chicago Fire fans “love love love” Brett and Mouch and we’re definitely hoping to see more of the dynamic duo next season. But, as we wait, Redditors shared some of their favorite memories of the unique pairing.

Kicking off the discussion about Mouch and Brett’s partnership, one fan wrote, “I’ve been watching old episodes [of Chicago Fire] and some of their scenes together are comedy gold. There are way more of them than I remembered.”

The same fan also spoke about Brett and Mouch’s similarities as first responders.

“I’m stoked we’re getting more paramedicine because their scenes for it last season were super sweet and they’re both so empathetic to victims.”

Plenty of other Chicago Fire fans agreed.

“I always love scenes with those two!!” a second contributor said. “Mouch brings out Brett’s funny side.”

A third fan said of the duo’s friendship, “Mouch’s relationship with Brett is definitely that of a big brother/uncle type.”

While Mouch makes a stellar fireman and an extremely empathetic paramedic, he’s also definitely demonstrated strong familial values despite not having children of his own. Alongside Brett, Mouch has also been a major inspiration to Darren Ritter, encouraging him to follow down his path as a fireman even during the scariest situations. Had it not been for Mouch peeling the young fireman up off the stairs of a burning building, we’re not sure what would have become of the Chicago Fire character.