‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Did Not Like Stella’s Latest Move in Episode 20

by Joe Rutland

Fans of the NBC TV drama Chicago Fire are not too happy with Stella right now even as they watch out for the Stellaride wedding. What has them up in arms? It appears that Blake Gallo, played by Alberto Rosende, is going to move to Firehouse 51. That’s where Kelly Severide, played by Taylor Kinney, the future husband of Stella Kidd, works. Miranda Rae Mayo plays Kidd on the show.

Gallo wants to move ahead but Stella believes he kind of owes her something. After all, she has believed in him for a long, long time. It turns out that Gallo puts the brakes on his departure for now. A thread on Reddit allows the Chicago Fire fans some space to complain. This one is simply titled “Stella is ridiculous.” OK, let’s go down this rabbit hole.

Stella’s Actions On ‘Chicago Fire’ Make Show’s Fans Angry, Upset

The original poster writes, “gallo was teased to join squad when he first showed up. casey put him on truck so he could become a great firefighter and learn the skills he would need to have for squad. casey was setting up his future and kelly was helping with that long before stella came around. and then she gets mad and acts like gallo is hers to own and literally holds back his career? i’m sorry, but who does she think she is?” This Redditor says it is not Stella’s place to come in and decide he’s not allowed to move up. Furthermore, this fan calls this “the stupidest storyline I’ve seen for this season.”

Another Chicago Fire fan writes, “She was completely out of line and entitled and I’m glad Severide called her out. I don’t like whoever this new Stella is after she came back from her leave.” While this next fan admits to liking Stella, the Redditor believes that Gallo should have joined Squad. “He’d be great IMO,” this person writes. “I mean he still can join Squad I guess but he’s made up his mind he’ll stay on Truck for now. That final scene was kinda sad though. Kelly obviously knew Gallo decided to stay on Truck and I think that he thinks Stella might have persuaded him to stay. He wasn’t happy with her.”

Meanwhile, what is it like to turn lieutenant? The Stella Kidd actress talks about her character’s mindset upon becoming one. “I think that [becoming a lieutenant] is very important for her to do,” Mayo said in an interview. “I think she really wants to do well for her people.” Stella did start the “Girls on Fire” program. But Mayo added that time for leading it as Kidd has done might just dwindle due to other responsibilities.