‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Didn’t Approve of This Gabby Dawson Storyline

by Caitlin Berard

Executive producer Dick Wolf is known for his thrilling police procedurals. Both the Law & Order and FBI universes provide viewers with a weekly dose of law enforcement agents chasing down despicable criminals. When creating his One Chicago franchise, however, Wolf took a different approach.

One Chicago contains three series depicting daily life in some of the most stressful yet interesting workplaces in the country: a police department, a hospital, and a fire station. And while Chicago PD takes the procedural route with its episodes, the remaining two series, Chicago Fire and Chicago Med, are simply TV dramas.

In fact, ahead of the series premiere in 2012, Dick Wolf went as far to clarify that Chicago Fire was not a procedural. “There are very few franchises that give you the opportunity to really explore character,” Wolf explained in a TCA presentation, according to Deadline. “It’s not fire of the week.”

“It’s a character study about people who do things that you can’t pay people to do,” he continued. “You can’t pay people to run into burning buildings. So it is a canvas for good writing.”

The Gabby Dawson Storyline ‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Dislike

A group of firefighters risking their lives on a daily basis would be more than enough for a dramatic TV series. Chicago Fire is a Dick Wolf production, however. And the award-winning EP knows that there’s no such thing as too much drama.

As such, he pairs firefighting drama with firehouse drama, illustrating the complex relationships between coworkers in addition to their life-threatening duties as first responders. A particularly popular character, and often the centerpiece of said drama, is Matt Casey, who was in a relationship with his coworker, Gabby Dawson, for many seasons.

Now, a “will they, won’t they” storyline is an absolute staple of any TV drama. That said, “Dawsey” wasn’t always popular with fans. While some couldn’t get enough of the on-screen couple, others felt their tumultuous relationship bordered on toxic.

In a recent Reddit poll, Chicago Fire fans gave their honest opinions on Dawson and Casey. And, rather hilariously, only 7% said they had a good relationship. The remaining 93% rated Dawsey as bad or, at the very least, not good.

According to fans, both Matt Casey and Gabby Dawson are likable, interesting characters. It’s only when paired together that they became a problem.

“I think Gabby is a good person with a good heart. However there were just so many things wrong with the relationship. I felt like it was all about what Gabby wanted,” one fan wrote. “Their relationship was horrible, but their emotional connection was very strong,” another said. “Gabby was tough to watch at times but Matt was equally bad (if not worse),” added a third.