‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Have Major Predictions for Mouch’s Future

by Shelby Scott

Randall “Mouch” McHolland takes a backseat to many of Chicago Fire‘s forerunning characters like Kelly Severide and Sylvie Brett. However, he’s remained a constant presence among the show’s beloved cast. Now though, with Chicago Fire heading into its 11th season, fans have begun to think about what comes next for the veteran fireman whenever he decides to retire. See what some fans have said about Mouch’s future.

According to Looper, Chicago Fire fans’ predictions for the beloved character vary. Some see him as a janitor while others saw him as a kind of “house husband.” Overall, the Reddit discussion became a little heated.

In the show’s subreddit, beneath the title, “Now that Mouch gets older,” one Chicago Fire fan suggested, “My idea was some kind of janitor/repairman role for him in the firehouse. I can’t imagine CF without him and I don’t want them to kill him.”

Another argued that Chicago PD character Trudy Platt, who also happens to be Mouch’s wife has a good-paying job. As such, he doesn’t really have to work. On top of that, they added that Mouch has never expressed interest in janitorial services or as a repairman.

A third Chicago Fire fan, less seriously, wrote, “Just make him the house mascot, unofficial cook, dog walker, uncle that doesn’t ever leave.”

Fortunately, Chicago Fire fans don’t actually have to think about Stolte’s beloved character leaving just yet. So far, the actor hasn’t indicated any intention to do so. That said, be sure to catch Mouch and the rest of the CFD when Chicago Fire returns to NBC on Wednesday, September 21st.

Will Jason Pelham Return for ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11?

We’re fairly certain we don’t have to worry about Christian Stolte’s character Mouch McHolland departing Chicago Fire any time soon. But, there is another character fans were left wondering about at the end of season 10. Soon after Matt Casey actor Jesse Spencer departed the series during its 200th episode, fans met Lieutenant Jason Pelham. Previously a frequent floater for the CFD, Pelham eventually found a permanent home at 51. However, following the return of Stella Kidd, Pelham gracefully stepped aside to let the new lieutenant take over the commander’s position on Truck 81.

After that, Pelham moved to another firehouse in the CFD and the last we saw him was during one of season 10’s final episodes. It was there that one of 51’s youngest first responders, Blake Gallo, went seeking out the elder man’s advice.

During his short time at 51, Pelham made a major impact on its members and on Chicago Fire fans alike. Now we’re wondering whether we’ll see the character return when season 11 premieres.

Realistically, just like for Matt Casey actor Jesse Spencer, the show’s writers have left the door wide open for Pelham to return at any time. In fact, it’s more likely Chicago Fire fans will see a Pelham feature than they will a Casey one. That’s because Pelham has only moved to another firehouse in the Windy City, rather than several states away. However, Pelham’s actor Brett Dalton is keeping a busy schedule this year. So we can’t be certain how likely his return to the show really is.