‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Predict a Season 11 Pregnancy Reveal for This Character

by Shelby Scott

We saw handfuls of exciting, adrenaline-pumping fire calls during Chicago Fire‘s 10th season. However, many of the main storylines, especially toward the season’s end, surrounded the crew’s romantic endeavors. For weeks, we followed the steamy development between Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins and 51’s Violet Mikami. Viewers also watched what seems to be a painfully slow crumble between Sylvie Brett and the now-departed character Matt Casey. Topping it all off, the Chicago Fire season 10 finale served up one of the most memorable wedding events we’ve witnessed in 10 years of One Chicago. Now, we must await the NBC drama’s return on September 21st. In the meantime, fans are predicting one of Firehouse 51’s current couples will welcome a new baby.

Given the excitement leading up to the long-awaited “Stellaride” wedding between Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide, another major storyline so soon seems unlikely. Nevertheless, Chicago Fire fans have become pretty creative in the past with their predictions. And, this time, taking to Reddit, more than a few think Brett could become pregnant with Casey’s baby.

Igniting a lengthy conversation, one Redditor wrote, “in season 10 it seemed Brett was a bit more ‘family focused.'” Specifically, the Chicago Fire fan highlighted Brett’s adoration for Casey as a father figure to the Darden boys in Oregon. They also pointed out the growing bond between her and her sister, not to mention the sister’s love for Casey. As such, they continued, “It makes me wonder if they will have Brett find out she is pregnant next season.”

In response, more than a few fans emphasized the Chicago Fire character’s newfound focus on family. That said, fans can’t seem to decide whether a “Brettsey” baby would be a good or a bad thing.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Share Their Thoughts On Brett’s Potential Pregnancy

To say Chicago Fire fans miss seeing Matt Casey at Firehouse 51 is an understatement. However, many have reconciled that the character is officially off the show. Realistically, this complicates any chances of a Brettsey baby. That said, one fan responded in the thread, “I don’t really see her getting pregnant this season…Or I should say, I don’t see the writers pursuing that storyline this season.”

Because Chicago Fire‘s season 10 finale teased the end of the Brettsey romance, it seems strange for writers to pursue that route. The same user further shared, “if her and Casey are done, I hope the writers give her a break and don’t throw her back into a romance right away.”

Another Redditor wrote, “I would hate for [Brett] to be pregnant on the show if [Kara Killmer’s] not leaving. [One Chicago] has a terrible track record with main characters and pregnancies. I wouldn’t trust [the writers] at all to do a pregnancy plot right and not hurt her.”

Others suggested that season 11 of Chicago Fire could even be the final season. They reasoned that if the show’s writers were to write a Brett-pregnancy plot, then they would likely wait until the end of the upcoming season. Doing so would enable them to (finally) award Brett her “happily ever after.”