‘Chicago Fire’ Fans React to Heartbreaking Death of Major Character

by Suzanne Halliburton
Getty Images

Chicago Fire promos teased all week that someone may not survive Wednesday’s episode. And now we know who’s not coming back to the show.

Maybe you’re still hearing Violet’s screams. SPOILER ALERT: Her boyfriend, Evan Hawkins, the paramedic field chief, died in a building collapse. A movie theater caught on fire. And as Hawkins was helping a victim escape from a side door, the structure fell on them both.

NBC posted the clip of the aftermath of Hawkins’ horrifying death. He’d been outside the theater in the middle of triage when he stepped away to help someone.

Violet tried in vain to help Hawkins, begging the chief to let her do more. But there was nothing more to do.

The end of the Chicago Fire episode showed a grief-stricken Violet and then the firefighters lifting Hawkins’ body. Wolf Entertainment tweeted a clip, complimenting Violet actress Hanako Greensmith (she goes by HanakoFlowers on Twitter).

Jimmy Nicholas portrayed Hawkins. He joined the show last season and has appeared in 19 episodes. Hawkins and Violet dated on the series. He was transferring to another station so that he and Violet could have a more normal relationship. But that’s no longer an option. The two did enjoy a nice lunch before the fire.

Chicago Fire Fans Are Stunned and Heartbroken Over Loss of ‘Hawkami’

Hawkins’ death devastated fans. Fans loved Violet and Hawkins so much they gave them a couple’s name — Hawkami. Violet’s last name is Mikami.

One wrote: “Chicago Fire will always find a way to make me cry like a baby. The actress that plays Violet just destroyed me with that last scene.”

Another posted: “What were you thinking Chicago Fire??? Everyone was rooting for Hawkins and Violet. Jimmy Nicholas you didn’t deserve this! And neither did we!”

Another fan went with a tried and true Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gif. She tweeted “I AM NOT GONNA SLEEP TONIGHT I AM GONNA BE HAUNTED BY VIOLET’S SCREAMS.” See, we told you this was an emotional wreck of an ending.

Hanako Greensmith portrays Violet. She hinted at a major change for her character in an earlier interview. But fans weren’t prepared for that final scene.

“Violet is gonna have a massive, massive challenge thrown her way that I don’t think anyone was anticipating,” Greensmith told NBC Insider. “I know Violet wasn’t anticipating it. You’re gonna have to see her navigate some totally new emotional terrain and professional terrain.” 

Wolf Entertainment, which produces Chicago Fire, went all out on the theater scene. The social media account shared that the theater set was the biggest ever created for the show. It stood 18 feet tall.

So the series prepped for a major goodbye.