‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Slam Series as ‘Terrible’ Without This Beloved Character

by Shelby Scott
chicago-fire-fans-slam-series-terrible-without-beloved-character chicago-fire-fans-slam-series-terrible-without-beloved-character

It’s been almost a full year since Chicago Fire fans bid goodbye to longtime cast member Jesse Spencer. Spencer played the beloved character Captain Matt Casey for an impressive 10 seasons. The show continues to carry on, but many fans believe the isn’t the same as it was without Casey. Some have even deemed it “terrible.”

Fans took to Reddit to air their grievances about the Chicago Fire star’s departure. In doing so, one fan vented, “I hope Jesse Spencer returns” during season 11. Other One Chicago fans had plenty to contribute to the conversation.

“I 100% agree,” another Chi-hard said. “Season 10 was not the same after Jesse left!…It feels like there is a huge missing piece in the show and it is Matt Casey!”

A second Chicago Fire fan added, “I agree. S10 wasn’t awful, but I do miss Casey…It is what it is though.”

A more open-minded fan said of the character’s departure, “Eh, I wouldn’t say it was terrible without him. Definitely weird for the first few episodes he was gone, but then I kinda got used to it after that.”

Matt Casey was definitely a major character among the crew at Firehouse 51. However, he wasn’t the only leading figure, with fans able to follow other important storylines aside from Casey’s. Several include Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide’s recent wedding. Another is the awkward love triangle between Blake Gallo, Violet Mikami, and Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins. That’s not to mention all the action-packed rescues we see on a weekly basis as we tune in to Chicago Fire. The above fan highlighted that, adding, “As much as I like Casey, he wasn’t the only reason I watched the show. There’s plenty of other characters that keep me tuned in!”

‘Chicago Fire’ Returns to NBC Next Month

Speaking of “tuned in,” we have just a few short weeks to go until Chicago Fire and its sister shows, Chicago PD and Chicago Med, return to the airwaves. After a handful of gut-wrenching season finales, One Chicago premieres three all-new seasons on NBC Wednesday, September 21st. And with Chicago Fire smack in the middle on the franchise’s return date, we’re taking a look at what we might expect when season 11 debuts.

First, most Chicago Fire fans are wondering how writers will handle the open-ended state of Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett’s relationship. When the season 10 finale aired in May, it seemed pretty apparent the beloved couple was headed toward a breakup. But with Casey actor Jesse Spencer officially off the show now, we’re wondering how that particularly heartbreaking storyline will play out.

Other fans are simultaneously concerned about Kidd and Severide as the season finale saw a mysterious pickup truck roll up outside of their honeymoon cabin. And given the drug ring Severide uncovered following an intense fire call, we can’t help but be concerned for the couple’s safety.

Hopefully, we’ll get some solid answers in just a few short weeks.