‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Are Still Heartbroken Over This Character’s Death

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago Fire isn’t shy about breaking hearts with shocking exits and deaths, so fans have grown used to saying goodbye to their favorite characters over the years. However, there is one late paramedic who left a lasting impression. And people are still mourning her traumatic onscreen death to this day.

That paramedic was Leslie Shay. She met her end during the season 2 series finale titled Real Never Waits. During the episode, the members of the 51 were watching Chief Boden tie the knot when a fire interrupted his ceremony. And Shay was one of the first responders on the scene.

When Shay arrived, she and the squad found an injured man, who she began caring for. While helping, Dawson revealed to Shay that her girlfriend was considering proposing to her. And as Shay admits to knowing the secret, an explosion ignites, causing a pipe to collapse and strike her in the head. The force knocked her unconscious and eventually killed her despite her girlfriend’s desperate efforts to save her life.

The team later learns that a serial arsonist had started the fire. And he was stalking Leslie Shay in the background.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Can’t Get Over Leslie Shay’s Season 2 Death

It’s been seven years since Leslie Shay’s devastating Chicago Fire death. And fans are still reeling from the loss. In fact, someone recently got a discussion rolling in a Reddit post titled Concerning Leslie Shay and me flooding my floor.

In it, u/Careless4uncaring wrote “I have NEVER cried like this over a movie or TV show before. My eyes might get teary but I was full-on SOBBING…  If the writers wanted to kill someone important off that badly, Shay and Gabby should’ve switched places, but just don’t let Shay friggin die.”

The poster had only just begun watching Chicago Fire. So to them, the wound was fresh. But commentators quickly confirmed that the pain will never go away.

“It’s been idk how many years since then and I’m still not over it,” u/rayoncee responded. “I just can’t rewatch that episode EVER AGAIN.”

Some people admitted that they felt the death so hard that they actually stopped watching the series after Shay’s demise. Some fans said the story never felt the same without her, and they lost interest, while others simply couldn’t forgive the writers. However, others offered that time will heal the poster’s wounds. And one day, they’ll be able to love Chicago Fire once again.

“Welcome to the sad Shay experience. We all experienced what you described,” u/IndividualSchedule admitted. “Grieve and come back. The show will get better again. Wait for Stella! She is great! And Kelly will finally be happy again.”