‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Think Writers Missed an Opportunity To Develop Kelly Severide’s Character

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago Fire fans are arguing that the writers made a grave mistake by abandoning Kelly Severide and Leslie Shay’s major early series storyline.

Current day Severide is a married man, who is completely devoted to both his wife and career. But for years, he had gone through a string of sordid relationships and carried a playboy reputation.

However, when the show began, he had one grounding force—his best friend, ambulance 61 paramedic Shay. While the two were never a couple, there was a time when Shay was trying to have a child. And Severide was the surrogate father.

Sadly, their efforts didn’t pan out. After an unsuccessful try, the show completely abandoned the storyline. And Severide resumed his playboy ways. But fans wish the writers had kept with Shay’s attempts until she was able to get pregnant. That way, Severide would have had a completely different life in The Windy City.

Fans Think a Single Father Storyline Would Have Made the ‘Chicago Fire’ Character Less ‘Cliche’

Last week, fans revisited the surrogate storyline in a Reddit thread titled “I Will Die on This Hill.” In it, a user wrote that the show had “a great opportunity to have Kelly as a single working father.”

Shay unexpectedly died during the season 2 finale, which is another source of resentment for fans. But had a baby come from the experience, maybe the exit would have been more palatable.

“The character development would’ve been much better than the cliche we got aka ‘man who is all over the place meets perfect woman who grounds him,'” they wrote.

“Yes, yes,” u/meepmeepmur replied. “When I’m bored, I often try to reimagine it in my head as to what the show would’ve been like if they did have a baby. It also annoyed me [the] way they just kinda dropped it and it was never addressed it again.”

Other replies voiced annoyance over why Chicago Fire dropped the storyline in the first place. After trying to conceive and failing once, Severide’s ex showed up pregnant herself. And while that plot also didn’t pan out, the show quickly veered toward that drama. After that, it ignored Shay’s dream of becoming a mother altogether.

And more importantly, leading Severide back to his ex set him up for a decade of predictable, lackluster storylines that included a revolving door of forgettable relationships.

“It was so frustrating because they just dropped the storyline after Renee got pregnant,” u/zendayasimppp griped. “Both of them would’ve made incredible parents, and the baby would’ve had an incredible community and house.”