‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Want to Know What Comes Next for Stella Kidd

by Samantha Whidden

Following her struggles throughout the 10th season of “Chicago Fire,” fans of the NBC series are now wondering what’s next for Stella Kidd. 

According to One Chicago Center, “Chicago Fire” fans are wanting to see what’s in store with Kidd, who is now the lieutenant of Truck 81. She and her now-husband, Kelly Severide, after saying “I Do” in the 10th season finale. However, while the couple was on their way to their honeymoon destination, fans noticed a car full of men from a drug trade that Severide managed to put an end to during the finale was pulling up to the house the couple was staying in. 

Obviously, there are questions as to what happens to Severide and Kidd as they encounter the men in the vehicle. But “Chicago Fire” fans are hoping to see how Kidd focuses on her lieutenant role in the upcoming season. 

Miranda Rae Mayo recently spoke to Parade about her “Chicago Fire” character, Kidd. She addressed why Kidd disappeared at the beginning of the show’s 10th season. “We see her in that last minute of episode nine knowing that she has a lot of explaining to do. She did not text her beautiful fiancé back when he was trying to tell her that the lieutenant position was about to be filled if she didn’t come back and communicate. So, I think a lot is going through her mind and through her heart.”

Mayo also described her “Chicago Fire” character as being a scrapper. She then talked about the character replacing Jesse Spencer’s Matthew Casey as Truck 81 leader. “She’s used to working, she’s used to being in pursuit of something. And she realized that if she were to take this on now, she’s really realizing what all that means.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Miranda Rae Mayo Talks About the Relationship Between Kidd and Severide 

While speaking to Parade, “Chicago Fire” star Miranda Rae Mayo opens up about the relationship between Kidd and Severide. “Here’s the thing. I think that in relationships there will always be,” Mayo explained. “At least for her given her past experience with marriage and relationships, there’s always going to be that voice of doubt.”

However, Mayo says she definitely believes that Kidd is definitely committed. “Above anything and everything else, she’s in love with this man and she’s committed to him, and she chooses him. Even if she has a moment where she goes within and withdraws, she continues to choose him. And that’s what I would imagine a good marriage or relationship needs.”

In regards to the wedding of Kidd’s dreams, Mayo added, “I don’t think [a big wedding] is what Stella wants. It would be so beautiful to see Stella and Kelly do a big white wedding, but I just don’t think that that’s them.”