‘Chicago Fire’ Finale Sets Up Intense New Plot Line for Season 11

by Shelby Scott

As expected, the “Chicago Fire” season finale left plenty of fans drowning in their emotions. However, amid all the romance at the Stellaride wedding and the excitement following Matt Casey’s return, a new problem arose. The last few moments of the “Chicago Fire” finale saw an intense new plotline form ahead of season 11. And it has fans impatiently waiting at the edge of their seats.

The Events Leading Up to Severide’s Brutal Beat Down:

Just ahead of the Season 10 finale, Firehouse 51 responded to a strange MVA. While there, they came upon an anxious victim who was more concerned about his truck’s contents than his personal safety. After the firefighters pulled the man from the wreckage and Ambulance 61’s paramedics began looking at him, he acted impatiently. Suddenly, as temporary PIC Violet Mikami began looking at him, he broke away and rushed toward the vehicle. Upon his approach, the truck blew up. And not only did it throw him across the pavement; it also threw one of the crew’s firefighters. In the end, the man suffered brutal facial burns.

Later, Severide goes to locate the truck at one of the local junkyards. Soon, he realizes the tanks in the back of the vehicle aren’t filled with gas. They’re filled with drugs. Upon uncovering the opioids, he calls “Chicago PD” detective Hailey Upton, who arrives just as the drug dealer threatens to shoot Severide. For now, he is safe, with the MVA victim taken away in handcuffs. However, later in the episode, when Severide thinks he’s responding to a woman’s call for help, the dealer’s friends jump him, sending him to the hospital.

Ahead of the Season 10 finale, that particular storyline slid to the backburner. And fortunately, Severide’s injuries weren’t severe. But now, with the Stellaride wedding behind us, fans are worried the fireman is in danger ahead of “Chicago Fire” season 11.

‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11 Sees Severide Looking Over His Shoulder

As a talented arson investigator, Severide has become involved in a multitude of intriguing, often dangerous, investigations. However, the upcoming plotline for “Chicago Fire’s” 11th season might be his most dangerous yet.

Following the wedding of the season 10 finale, Severide and Kidd were certain the busted drug dealer had skipped town. But, as per TV Insider, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The final moments of season 10’s finale saw a strange vehicle drive up to Severide’s cabin, where he and Stella were spending their wedding night. And, given the couple has already celebrated their nuptials with friends, it’s unlikely one of “Chicago Fire’s” other firefighters are making a surprise visit.

That said, the outlet suggests revenge might just be on the couple’s doorstep. Now, the big question is, what happens next? Will Severide and Stella survive their confrontation with the drug dealer and his buddies? And will anyone realize they’re even in trouble?