‘Chicago Fire’ Halts Production After Shooting Near Set

by Suzanne Halliburton

Chicago Fire needed to halt production Wednesday after an unknown gunman shot at a group of people near where the show was filming.

CWB Chicago reported that the full cast of Chicago Fire was on set when the shots were fired. Three cameras even were rolling at the time. There were no injuries when the shots happened at 1:55 p.m. local time. Police said the alleged gunman took off in a dark-colored SUV.

Chicago Fire uses off-duty law enforcement officers for security. Six marked police vehicles already were at the scene. And the officers responded quickly. But the series did quit production for the day after the major scare. At the time of the shooting, the crew was outside, filming exterior shots of a funeral home. The alleged shooter was standing on the opposite corner of the street.

“It happened mid-take,” a film industry source told CWB Chicago. “No one was injured on set, but a bullet did ricochet off some equipment.”

Chicago Fire Incident Is At Least the Third to Happen This Summer

This is at least the third incident this summer for TV shows that film in Chicago. There was a gun battle that happened near the set of Chicago Med, the sister show of Chicago Fire. Bullets hit the Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, but no one was hurt. Police don’t believe anyone affiliated with Chicago Med was an intended target.

In another part of the city, a man lit an explosive device and threw it toward the Justified set. However, the object didn’t explode and no one was hurt.

All three shows with the One Chicago franchise premiere on Sept. 21, so everyone has been busy on set. These photos were taken this week.

Chicago Fire is headed into season 11. And it picks up where the season 10 finale ended. A mysterious SUV drives up to a remote cabin where Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) are spending their honeymoon. The finale featured their beautiful wedding, but now, someone is out to spoil the honeymoon.

“Season 11 blasts off with a relentless pace, starting right where we left Severide and Kidd last season — and the episode never lets up for the full hour.,” Chicago Fire EP Derek Haas told Entertainment Tonight. “Let’s just say it has a lot of heat. From the very first second.”

From previews, it appears that your favorite Chicago Fire couple does survive whatever is about to happen. However, the episode synopsis says that they’ll have some issues caused by “a dangerous person from their past.”

The One Chicago shows, produced by Wolf Entertainment, have released a tease for next week’s premieres. The promo also includes clips from Chicago Med and Chicago PD. Enjoy.