‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Who Fans Want to Become the Next Lieutenant

by Megan Molseed

Jesse Spencer’s Matthew Casey is returning to Chicago Fire’s Firehouse 51 for the much anticipated Stellaride nuptials. However, this return is simply a guest-starring role, and Casey’s lieutenant position remains open on the popular TV drama series. Now, the show’s 10th season is coming to a close. And fans are beginning to speculate as to who will be stepping into this role.

Chicago Fire Fans Share Their Ideas on Who Will Be Stepping in as the New Lieutenant

The 10th season of Chicago Fire has brought quite a few shakeups to the One Chicago Firehouse. Starting with the exit of fan-favorite Matthew Casey who is portrayed by Jesse Spencer. His exit from the series came as the Chicago Fire lieutenant made the decision to move to Oregon. He makes this move in order to care for the sons of his late best friend, Andrew Darden.

The exit is a shocking one to Chicago Fire fans as Spencer’s Casey has long been core to the popular NBC One Chicago series. It also opens up a lieutenant position in the Chicago-based firehouse. A position that has yet to be filled, even as Chicago Fire’s current season comes to a close. Now, fans are beginning to take their own guesses as to which Fire character will finally end up in the coveted Chicago Fire position.

Mouch and Kidd Are Fan-Favorite Front-Runners For Lieutenant Position

One fan theory suggests that Christian Stolte’s Randall “Mouch” McHolland would have a chance to step into the role left open by Casey. However, the actor quickly shoots this idea down in a recent One Chicago video event.

“Wonder if Mouch is going to be Lieutenant of 81 now,” Stolte reads from fan theories in the video.

“No, Mouch is not going to be the lieutenant of anything,” the Chicago Fire star responds.

“I think the plan for the character from the very beginning was to have one guy who’s served 30-something years in the C.F.D as a ground-level, blue-collar grunt type who started that way and retired that way,” the actor continues. Stolte also adds that this role continues, so promotion isn’t likely in Mouch’s future.

“I don’t think they ever want Mouch to be a lieutenant,” he explains.

However, Miranda Rae Mayo is happy to hear such a theory related to her own Chicago Fire character, Stella Kidd. After reading another fan theory that suggests Kidd is likely to get the promotion, Miranda Rae Mayo says she’s fully on board.

“That’s what’s up,” the One Chicago actress says. “Me too.”